Friday, October 2, 2009

New Toy!

Annalise doesn't really smile at us yet. Only sometimes if she wakes up and I get to her before she starts crying, then she recognizes me and I sometimes get a grin. Other than that, I think that every once in a while she'll be smiling at the wall and one of our faces will get in the way. Even so we do a dance of joy and shout to each other OH MY GOSH THE GENIUS IS SMILING AT ME. But for some wonderful reason, when she sees the camera, she smiles. Again, not at us, but at the small gray thing.

She got a new mat to lay on and while she appeared to like it, I think she was just appreciating the wall and the small gray thing.


Cooper Family said...

Her smile is so cute! I love that she smiles for the camera. To me it seems like kids are usually opposite.

Julie and Todd said...

so cute! But it is kind of funny to see her with toys practically touching her face and she couldn't care less about them...just about the spot on the wall a mile away that she's become fond of. Very cute.

Emily said...

She's so cute, Jessica. Still hoping to meet her. I should be back to work Monday, October 12th. Someday I'm going to meet her!