Saturday, August 15, 2009

Surprise Spa Vacation!

This morning, I surprised Jessica with a quick weekend getaway right here in town. I called and got reservations this morning, and they found a room for us immediately!

We headed to NE Portland with a view of the river and the Portland skyline. The staff showed us to our room, turned down our beds and even ordered some food for us. Perfect!

Later on, they brought Jessica some ice-cold drinks, and she enjoyed a whirlpool bath while I sat and talked with her and we called family.

Even better than all that -- they told us we can leave with a baby! You guys should all really check this place out, rooms are really hard to get. So quick! Grab a pen and paper and write this down, it's called:

Legacy E.manuel Spa & Resort

IMPORTANT: When you call, there's a secret password phrase you have to use to get a room. It's kind of strange, but just try it out:

"My wife has been in labor all night with contractions every 5 minutes; she would gnaw Pixie's face off and eat it raw with banana and blueberry yogurt if it would make the pain go away. Is it time to come in?"

I know, it's weird, but just do it. It'll get you the best room, with a view of the roof. More to come on our visit when we leave, probably tomorrow!

Love, Dave

PS -- Ask for the constant contraction and heart rate monitoring in your room, it's like having a Wii in your room but much less enjoyable.


Courtney said...

Dave, you are hilarious! Keep us posted on everything that is happening!!

Congrats, by the way!!

Jason said...

Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Julie and Todd said...

I cannot stop laughing!

YIPPEE! Insider is coming out!

Todd Hillyard said...

Do they have cucumber water?

Emalei said...

haha, very clever dave! Is the baby here yet? Name? Weight?