Monday, August 3, 2009

On Friday I had my appointment with the midwifery clinic at Emanuel Hospital and it went well. They will do a growth ultrasound this week to make sure I am a good candidate for waterbirth (anyone with a healthy pregnancy actually is, but they will check to see that the baby is not too big in the head, since they just started the waterbirth program in October and want their numbers and statistics to be as perfect as possible.) So if Insider is of normal noggin-size, it looks like I should be able to pop her out agua-style. Also she'll look cuter in hats.

The best part is that I am no longer hospital-homeless, so the baby can come any time now. Six days til the due date, but patience isn't my best virtue. Anyone have a trampoline I can borrow??

So I have been drinking this gallon of milk we have with my cereal for weeks now. It occurred to me today that I have really been nursing it for quite a long time. I decided to check the expiration this morning. July 19th was the sell-by date! In surprise, I announced it to Dave.

"Throw it out!" he exclaimed in horror. But I sniffed it. It smelled just fine. And I have a really good nose. And we had no other milk. I poured it over my cereal. Dave recoiled in disgust.

"Gross!" he gagged. "Sick! Why are you doing that? You're going to kill the baby!" It was actually just fine, but for sympathy-factor I made a very sad face.

"Ooh," I pretended to moan. "I need milk and this is all we haaaaaaaaaave. It's not my faaaaaaaaaaault this is all we haaaaaaaaaaaaaave." Sniffle. Dramatic pretend moans designed to garner empathy for my hard life with old milk. Dave paused. Then he started laughing.

"Actually, it is your fault!" he pointed out.

Oh yeah. Good point!


Staci said...

I side with Dave, on the milk issue, but Doug sides with you. If it smells good, it is good, he says.

M-A said...

If it was non-fat it doesn't go bad nearly as fast as the others. Have you been having any contractions? Are you dilated or thinned out at all? If those questions are too personal email me. So excited for you to experience the miracle of birth:) your life will never be the same...

Jessica said...

No real contractions. A few weeks and months ago I was having tons, but they have subsided completely. :(

I don't know if I'm dialated or effaced at all because they (oddly)didn't do a pelvic at my last aoointment because it could send me into false labor (?) and they didn't want to do that because my records weren't at their office yet. I was looking forward to knowing if there had been progress but at the same time wasn't looking forward to the exam so I didn't push it. The midwife said she was going to check me on Friday at my next appointment. Here's hoping!

Cassidy said...

Matt is super picky about his milk too -- if it's one second past the date, or has been open for a week, out it goes. I rely on my nose and have rarely, if ever, been misled. Good luck with last minute baby prep! I'm glad you have a hospital. It's really an amazing and awesome experience.

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

I agree with Doug.