Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DD (+3)

Like anything else, this is a growing experience. A learning curve for patience and surrender. (It would be nice if the curve weren't so physically uncomfortable! Or if I could roll over in bed without having to get on all fours. Or if walking through a store didn't seem like training for a marathon. Or if I didn't need 16 hours of sleep out of every 24. But I digress.) Certainly this experience can be benefitted from somehow. Just as I've been taught to surrender to the physical exertion and discomfort of labor for pain management, so must I surrender to the process leading there. I am working on it. Three cheers for endurance waxing long!

Some gems:

(from my mother)

*(Upon seeing me)
Me: Hi Mom.
Her: You are the biggest person I have seen in real life. I have never seen anyone as big as you walking around. Maybe because anyone else this big would have just given up by now.*

*(At Costco, after eating our hot dogs for lunch)
Me: The thought of standing up seems very hard right now.
Her: (Staring at me expectantly and excitedly.) Maybe the hot dog will help you!
Me: Help me? With standing up?
Her: No! Going into labor right now!!!*

(from the checker at Target)

*Her: You are LOW! You are so low! You should have this baby already! I think it should already be here!
Me: Oh. Yes. I agree.
Her: (very concerned) Have you called the hospital?
Me: The hospital? Uh, no. Why?
Her: Because sometime we don't have pains. You need to go to the hospital immediately.
Me: Um. No thanks. But... thanks.
Her: I had no pains with my third! I called the hospital and they let me in and took out the baby. Is yours still moving?
Me: Yes.
Her: It might stop moving. You have to have the hospital get it out before it stops moving!
Me: (zooming away) 'Kay, thanks! Bye!*


Emily said...

one thing i have learned is babies come when they want to come... and if you want to go natural and unplanned then patience is a virtue. hope she comes quickly! ps moms say the darnedest things!

D. said...

Tomorrow's the day, I tell ya'- I can feel it! :-)

Jen said...

Scawy lady!!!!!

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

The Target lady sounded interesting....
I don't know if you understood my message, but I dreamed that you came to visit me, in your overdo state, and the baby was breach. We could actually see her facial structure pressing out at the top of your belly. I told you that you probably wouldn't be able to have her naturally since it was pretty late to get her to turn around (duh!). Since I dreamed about you when you barely pregnant, I thought I'd let you know. Maybe it means something, or maybe not!

Staci said...

WOW!!! Thanks Target lady! What helpful information.

Sending joyful birth vibes your way...

Aaron & Lauren said...

Random stranger again. If you don't want me to leave comments let me know and I won't. So has your midwife mentioned stripping your membranes? I have several friend who went right into labor after their membranes were stripped. They won't do it if you are group B+ though. Good luck!

Angela said...

Hang in there! I want to drive up right now so that you have someone positive with you! Why do so many people always say the absolute wrong thing??? Especially when all we need is for them to reassure us? 3 days is fine and normal...waaaayyy normal!! and don't let them strip your membranes...Just say no to...membrane strippage. Love you tons and pray lots...He has a plan and will help keep you sane when everyone else is not! Nothing can replace that peacefulness!

JENNILLE said...

Thanks for your nice comments about our new little girl. I can't wait to hear about your arrival soon.
If necc. don't be afraid of being induced...It was the best :)
Good luck with everything.

Emily said...

Gosh, strangers and their advice...

Anyway, I'm surprised your mom would say "I have never seen anyone as big as you walking around." I've seen a lot bigger people. And they weren't pregnant either. And some of them do (amazingly) still walk around. (Thank goodness your large condition is pregnancy, and temporary.)

Julie and Todd said...

I don't even know what to say in response to those comments. Todd and I are sitting here, mouths agape, laughing, but not sure we should be. It's like everyone wants to say the right thing....but then they completely blow it in the attempt. Perhaps those were supposed to be construed as encouraging comments. Hmmmm...still pondering that one. Crazies.