Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Lists

Things I am grateful for:

*Dave put together our chandelier (a lengthy complicated process involving trillions of wires of white and black and copper in each of four arms and the bottom and the top and hook-ups and impossibly difficult guesses he had to make) with no instructions! It came with two pictures! (How do people know how to do things like this? I asked Dave and he said, "Man School.")

*When I woke up at 6 this morning, it was only 85 degrees in our room. It felt like a lovely arctic chill.

*No matter what temperature it is, or if you've used up all your ice packs, or if your fan feels like it's blowing you with hot desert winds, you can get cold water in the bath tub. (This is especially important at 3 am when it is still 90-something degrees and you can not sleep.)

*Pixie is extra lovey and cuddly lately. I think it's because she loves her new house and especially her new back yard.

*Our washer and dryer work. In fact, they don't just work, they ROCK. They clean things amazingly, and Pixie is not afraid of the noise they make like the last ones we used. She used to cower and shake for the 3 hours they were going. Also scratch obsessively at our legs to hold her the. entire. time. Now she moseys past the laundry room without a care in the world. The whole household benefits from her newfound lack of fears.

*Dave's parents are giving us a twin bed which we will put in the baby's room and will thus allow my parents to have somewhere to sleep when they each visit.

*Scrabble on the iPhone. Now, seriously. SERIOUSLY. Why is it so great?

Things I will be grateful for soon:

*When we get screens on our windows so we can open them to let the heat out without fear of extra bugs.

*Dave's sisters are coming on Friday! We will be meeting one new niece!

*When we find the box with our pots in it. You never realize how many things require a pot until all you can find are the pans.

*When this heat wave ends.


Jodie said...

Oh, the heat must be awful. It's not that hot in OC, but I still wake up sweating at about 1am and can't go back to sleep until like 5. Miserable! I think you and I are due almost the exact same time. I'm just being induced on Thursday. Sounds like you're as ready to be done as me! :)

Emily said...

Oh, I am amazed your attitude is so good with that heat! I can't even sleep if it's over 80 degrees in my room. I would really want to invest in an air conditioner if I were you (and even if you couldn't justify it for yourself, you could get a portable one so you could hook it up in the baby's room, who knows, it might still be pretty hot when the baby is born). Of course, as hot as it's been, it might be hard to find an air conditioner right now! I don't like the idea of running it all the time because it's too much of an electricity expense, but just running it at night when I sleep doesn't make the electric bill go up that much, and if it's too miserable, I'd go to bed early!