Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last night we bought a washer and dryer! This is a wonderful thing, since I have been solely wearing Dave's clothes for a week now, as the three shirts I have left that fit me are dirty. I wanted some nice front-loaders, but was prepared to buy the more-economical top-loading set. As we went to make the purchase, we passed some front-loaders that were not much more money, and were rated number three in performance. The numbers one and two in rating were tons more expensive, so this was a great deal. And since they didn't have them in stock, they told us we could have the floor models for 10% off, and get the pedestals underneath them for $50 apiece as opposed to the $250 apiece they sell for. Sold! They are being delivered Sunday and so we paid and walked out the door with nothing but our receipt.

"This feels like when I bought your ring," Dave quipped. "Never before had I paid so much and walked out with so little!"

Unbeknownst to me the baby "dropped" more than a week ago and it is apparently very evident- everyone at church last Sunday commented on it. Dave and I thought it was just growing more at the bottom.

I am still waking up every morning between 4 and 5 am and then can't go back to sleep for a few hours. When I woke up this morning, Dave was moving around in his sleep and mumbling away. Pixie was sleeping between us. Because the bed is so small he kept elbowing her in the head and shoving her and covering her face in the blankets as her flipped around. I tried to push him away.

"Careful of Pixie," I reminded, as he whacked her for the eighth time.

"She's biting me!" he said gleefully, knocking her in the head again. She was dead asleep. I put my arms between them to protect her.

"Stop playing!" he laughingly admonished her, petting my arm and thinking it was her. He started mumbling incoherently to her.

"What are you saying?" I asked.

"I am telling her it's not playtime!" he exclaimed sloppily, chuckling out loud and patting something else that wasn't her, but konking her on the noggin in the process. Pixie laid perfectly still, curled up with her nose between her paws.

"She's not doing anything. She's asleep," I told him. His eyes were open like he was awake and he was grinning widely. "You're sleeping too," I said. "And you keep hitting the dog. Go back to sleep- you're just dreaming."

"I must be HALLUCINATING!" he bellowed happily.


D. said...

We have front loaders...You're gonna love them! (As far as doing laundry goes...)

Angela said...

Jessica...well, it's official...we're having a boy! So, I'm going to groom him so that he can marry your little know you'll love the in-laws!!! Just kidding...she can marry Tim or Spencer if she wants. Jack is a little old! Love you! And congrats on the washer and dryer! SOOOO exciting! WE really need to move our houses closer! This being a couple states away makes doing laundry together a little tough!

Emily said...

I have front loaders, too. I had never had "the front loader experience" before, and I wasn't thoroughly convinced. I thought it sounded like a pain to bend down in front of them to put the laundry in, to not have the freedom to throw something in the washer a little late, but Kyle went on and on about how they used less water and are more energy efficient and that's what we got. Well, I love them. I used to have lots of clothes I couldn't run through my top loader because they were too delicate and I had to hand wash them. My front loader's delicate cycle can actually wash them without damaging them because it doesn't have that center agitating thing. Makes life soooo much easier, I had a ton of sweaters that couldn't be washed in the washer before. So worth it. I think it makes all clothes last longer too, less wear and tear. Tell Dave that, clothes lasting longer saves money.