Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well, I don't know what my problem has been, but I am feeling a bit better today. After self-imposed bedrest for a couple of days, I ventured out to buy a t-shirt today as I need something that fits for our first Hypnobirthing class tonight. I did not contract the entire time I was upright, which is progress, and the pain in my stomach was minimal. All pleasant reports. (In case you are curious, hypnobirthing is not, as many assume and are horrified by, hypnosis. Instead, it is a method of relaxation to be used for pain management during labor.)

The good news from the doctor the other day (I forgot this earlier in my aching ow-ie-ness) is that the baby is now head-down. Also, though I have been planning whole-heartedly to cheat on my doctor when the end comes, he told me some interesting tidbits that may make me reconsider. He just may be in town when I give birth because, in fact, he now believes his vacation time would be either at the beginning of July or the end of August. Secondly, though you are not allowed to technically birth in the labor tubs they have at my current hospital, they have them and you are allowed to labor in them. Third, interrmittent monitoring is fine with him (as opposed to an IV and constant strap-age to a bed on my part), he will let the cord stop pulsing before cutting the baby off after birth, he won't insist on an episiotomy, and and he seems very positive about natural birth. These are all important to me, and based on all my health problems, I am slightly reluctant to leave him. I don't know. I am undecided. I will still tour the birth center that I planned to next week and look into the water-birthing hospital, but now my original plan is still an option too.

At the gas station today, I was helped by a slightly flirty/sleazy attendant. As I got out of the car to pay inside, he stared deeply and hungrily into my eyes for much too long, like we were long-lost lovers. I must say, I was not looking cute. I was wearing Dave's t-shirt and shorts as nothing of my own fits. No make-up. Hair up. Probably the best thing I can say about myself is I was clean. When I came back out, I saw him take note of my body with obvious surprise.

"Hey! You're pregnant! What are you trying to do- hide the baby under there?" he asked indignantly, looking very grouchy. I had to suppress a laugh.

"I don't think there's any way I could at this point!" I told him. "This baby's pretty big!"

"It sure is," he grumbled angrily, glaring at me as though I had seduced and then tricked him. To his credit, I was wearing no rings. My rings stopped fitting about a week or two ago, and when I asked Dave if I should get some filler rings for the meantime, he thought it was a waste.

"You only have a couple months left," he said dismissively. True, but he's not the one who has to walk around with a seemingly illegitimate bump under their man-sized t-shirt. So today I bought a GORGEOUS sterling silver/cubic zirconia fake-y wedding set at Target. I can't stop staring at it, just like when I got my real wedding rings. This $23 ring set has totally made my whole day. Simple pleasures, I guess. :)


Emily said...

photo of fake wedding ring please!
love ya!

Gilbert said...

Glad you are feeling better. We missed you at Nicole's b-day gathering. Also Nicole's pregnancy is done.

Jessica said...

CONGRATS to you Gilbert and Nicole!!!!! And happy birthday to little Desmond Daniel Dewey!

Courtney said...

I echo Emily's request. Bring on the pictures of this amazing fake sparkler!

Emily said...

Hahaha, oh I am laughing. Both at the creep guy staring at you and you going out and buying yourself a new fake wedding ring in response to it. Well, I can understand. It totally makes sense you want a ring when you're pregnant, and I can see Dave's point of view thinking it would be a waste. So getting a cheap temporary pregnancy ring was probably a pretty good solution :)