Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Constant. Pain. I have been in it since last night. My entire stomach is aching and stabbing and miserable and causing millions of contractions from the hurtiness and when I went into my scheduled doctor's appointment this morning, he said it was fine. I don't know how it's fine, because I can not even lay down without tight contracting horrible misery, much less engage in normal-life activities, but there you have it.

The doctor's other news was also not ideal. I failed my anemia blood test and thus am anemic (not surprising as I am always tired) and I also failed the Gestational Diabetes test. By one point. (Also not surprising as I am always sluggish and lethargic.) The doctor asked me if I had had a ton of sugar before the test, which might explain it. I had not. Before the test I had been sleeping and thus ingesting no sugar or anything else. So now I have to go back in for more tests so they can see if I have GD for sure and I have to fast for 12 hours beforehand and stay for three hours during the tests and have my blood drawn three times. As you might expect, I am very overjoyed by all this.

I went to get my iron supplements at the pharmacy on my way home. I could barely drive there between the stomach pains and contractions and it took a while to get out of the car. As I sat in the parking lot with the door open, needing a rest after my oh-so-strenuous driving activity (um, not really) I looked around the parking lot, contemplating whether or not I could pay someone to go inside and purchase my wares for me. But I hefted myself from the car. PAIN IN THE STOMACH. I tried not to gasp and make sounds of misery as I hobbled at the speed of a slug toward the store. Cars had to wait for me. Even the intensely slow hobbling caused immense pain. After I got my supplements I went to a register. I tried to fashion my face into one that didn't look tortured and attempted to make my walk look normal for the last few steps so the cashier wouldn't think I was a nutjob. Apparently I didn't fool her.

"Are you okay?" she asked loudly, looking around as I apparently appeared to need an ambulance ride.

"Oh, yes!" I tried to answer cheerfully. I attempted to clutch my aching abdomen very unobtrusively.

"You don't look okay," she told me definitively, staring into my eyes.

"Well, I just came from my doctor and he says I'm fine," I told her. "It's just, you know, a bunch of contractions and stomach pains and I can't really walk and stuff. Perfectly fine. Ha ha!" I tried to laugh.

"I would be very worried if I were you," she told me bluntly.

"Uh... thanks," I said. I paid for my stuff. She stared at me like I was off my rocker. I shuffled slowly away, trying not to hunch over. Or fall over.

I don't really know what to say. If the doctor's wrong and I'm in labor 50 years too early I'll report back. For now, I will lay in my bed. And ache.


M-A said...

you poor thing. i was in labor the last month and a half and it was miserable. my contractions would come regulary for hours, then go away. it's torture. and don't worry about the diabetes test, everyone fails those the first time around and then passes the second one. i'm sure you are fine. just don't eat any sugar for a couple days before you go in.

Emily said...

i hope you're not in labor either - insider resider stay inside and quit hurting your mommy - love you both

Staci said...

#1 - Please call me at home ASAP!!!

#2 - Make sure you are totally hydrated. It's very important to drink a ton of water (even though you will have to pee constantly). You will be surprised how much better you feel if you do that one thing.

#3 - Did you switch doctors?

#4 - The whole GD thing is a crock. You shouldn't be having any sugar anyway. Are you keeping up with your Brewer's Diet? That will also make a big difference in how you feel.

#5 - You are probably having contractions. Did your Doctor check your cervix and say it is still closed?

#6 - More details PLEASE!!!

Staci said...

Also, they sell the best all natural, easy to digest liquid iron supplement at Whole Foods (and other health food stores) called Floradix. It will bring your numbers back to normal range within a week, and doesn't make you constipated like iron pills can.

Courtney said...

Aw, Jess - that's horrible! I hope you start to feel better soon - if you don't, you'd better waddle yourself back to the doctor's as fast as your swollen feet can carry you!! I mean it!!

Anonymous said...

Have you kept the same doctor over the whole course of your pregnancy?

Jessica said...

I am with the same doctor that I've been with. I will do another post about my hard decision involved there.

Aaron & Lauren said...

Hello, random stranger here again. I was anemic and used Floradix. It was amazing. The iron supplements made me so constipated it hurt. I HIGHLY recommend Floradix. I have three children and failed the 1 hour glucose every time, but always passed the longer one. Hope it's the same for you. I also hope you don't mind advice from a complete stranger. I promise I am not a wacko.

Jen said...

Jess, I would bring you a Ben and Jerry's since that is supposed to help anything that ails you but Staci below says no sugar and she seems like a sharp gal. If you need ANYTHING, CALL me!!!!!!! I'll call you today too.