Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So We May Have a Miracle on Our Hands, Folks

On a walk Sunday night, Dave asked me out of the blue, "Was it you that liked the name Annalise?" Though not sure who he might have been confusing me with (does he have daughter-naming convos with other chicks?) I responded in the affirmative.

"Well, I like it too," he pronounced. We stared at each other in wonder.

"Really?" I ventured. I didn't know what to say. Dave and I had completely dropped the baby-naming discussion a couple of months ago because we like each other too much to want to feel constantly annoyed by each other's terrible tastes.

"Yes," he nodded.

"Well," we said, marching down the street in stunned silence.

"What would a good middle name be?" Dave asked mildly, so as not to upset this wonderful agreeing-ness. "I like Rose," he offered.

"That's fabulous!" I exclaimed.

"But her initials would spell ARF," he said, letting out some woofs. "Arf, arf!"

"Marie would flow beautifully," I told him. "Annalise Marie."

This was not his favorite. We tried out lots of options. We realized it was very hard. We also realized we mostly agreed strongly about middle names we liked, as well as ones that wouldn't work. It seemed extremely miraculous. I mean, I'd idly prayed here and there that we would eventually come to a satisfying agreement, but I certainly didn't think it would actually happen.

We decided for the sake of flow, what works best is a middle name with two syllables, the accent being on the second syllable. Like Marie, Renee, Noelle, Jolie. I really like Annalise Jolie. (Jolie means 'pretty' in French, a language I studied for 6 years.) Dave says it reminds him of Angelina. So we're not there yet. But we've made progress. YIPPEE!!!


Blythe said...

Oh I LOVE it! What a beautiful name!

Jessica said...

I LOVE that name! Bob vetoed it early on in the naming discussions. Pish posh!

Possible middles for Annalise...
It's a tough one, with the A_F initials. But putting that aside.

Lorraine, Michelle, Camille....

Emily said...

Love it! yay! let me know when I can make the sign!

Staci said...

Hallelujah!!! That is a real life miracle. I am so happy for you guys. Now I need to get something embroidered with the name, Annalise!

Very beautiful!!!

M-A said...

love it!

j-p and i don't discuss names either. this baby will be very lucky to even get one.

p.s. i don't even think you need to have a middle name...lot's of my friends don't because their parents wanted them to take on their maiden name as a middle when they got married.

Courtney said...

I absolutely LOVE that name, Jess!! Very befitting of your daughter. :o) And I'm so happy that you guys are finally coming to an agreement. Congrats!!

Julie and Todd said...

YEAH!!! Absolutely fabulous, though I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of Jolie for the middle name either. I ADORE the first name, though.

Emily said...

I like the name Annalise, that's a very sweet name. I like both Rose and Marie as middle names. I wouldn't worry about what the initials spell, because she's probably going to get married someday anyway. My initials spell EAW now. Which makes me think of a donkey, but whatever.