Monday, June 1, 2009

30 weeks!

Yesterday I became 3/4 done! VERY pleased about this. Only 10 weeks to go! While I feel very ready to have this tiny combination of Dave and myself in my arms as opposed to my uterus, it doesn't really seem like this pregnancy has lasted that long. It's gone by pretty quickly! Of course, I should probably check back with you after a long hot summer of no air conditioning and ever-increasing third-trimester-giganticness. For now I still feel good though!

I think that it is very cute that whenever I call Dave to get into a picture with me, he grabs Pixie for the picture as well. Hence the furry little presence of the Naughty One.

And Pixie has been especially naughty lately. Probably due to living in LA for so long, I am a door-locking-Nazi. I lock the front door every time I go in or out, and follow behind Dave, constantly lecturing and locking after him, as he never can be bothered with a deadbolt during the day. But the other day I had to run to the post office. I knew I'd be gone such a short time, from the safest neighborhood on the planet, and decided to run out without locking the door. Why? Good question. I have no idea. It seemed quicker, I guess. A whole 2 1/2 seconds quicker.
A got home a bit later and everything was fine. Pixie refused to pee in the yard at my return though, which seemed odd, but no matter. I praised myself for becoming so laid-back.
An hour later, our neighbor knocked on the door. This is the first time in the year we've lived here that this has happened.
"Hi!" I said, surprised.
"Hi," she said darkly. "So... your dog ran away."
I looked down at my dog, struggling mightily to release herself from my arms and introduce herself (rudely or otherwise) to this newfound stranger.
"Huh?" I said.
"I guess your door wasn't locked," she said, "and a big gust of wind must have blown it open, because all of a sudden your dog ran out the door and started barking at all the children playing basketball in the street."
"Wha...?" I exclaimed in horror, imagining Pixie running away to get herself lost or eaten.
"So some other neighbors decided to chase her," she continued, "but she wouldn't be caught! And she finally ended up running away from them back inside your house and they slammed the door!" During which time I'm sure she peed on 40 front lawns, which is why she didn't go when I came home.
It was obvious that the intent of the conversation was to have me feel ashamed for my un-neighborly behavior. I acquiesced.
"I'm so sorry," I apologized, even though this neighbor had had nothing to do with the ordeal. "I left the door unlocked and I can't believe it opened. Thank you for telling me. I'm very sorry."
Kind-of-mean Neighbor-Lady raised her eyebrows skeptically.
"Mmm. Just thought I would let you know," she said pointedly, and none-too-kindly. I apologized some more.
"Bad dog!" I told Pixie, for the lady's benefit. The bad dog reached over and tried to give her a lick.
So. My door-locking-Nazi days are not behind me.


Blythe said...

Sounds like you have some pretty snarky neighbors! I mean's not like you have a pit bull that was running rampant around the neighborhood growling at people. Someone save us from the little yorkie on the loose!

Staci said...

Wow, Jess! Your belly has grown so much since I saw you. You are adorable "very pregnant".

Cooper Family said...

I love the pictures! You are a beautiful prego lady!

Jessica said...

I agree with Blythe....stay clear of the snark after the baby is born.

Remember that you too are an adult. (I forget this all the time and let "real" adults intimidate me)......snarky snark!

Emily said...

I would have gone over there and told you, too, just because thank goodness Pixie wasn't hit by a car or anything! I always, always, always lock my door, no matter how short of a time I'm gone. I don't think being in the best of neighborhoods would make me feel any differently either, in some ways, your neighborhood is more likely to be targeted for theft the more affluent it is. Not to scare you or anything, I'm probably just paranoid, but it's something I have no intention of changing. My Brinks alarm is armed all the time, home or not. I really can't imagine not having it now.

Stephanie said...

You and Dave...and pixie look so cute! I am so excited for you to have your little baby in your arms as well! Thanks for posting the pictures of your cute belly:)

Courtney said...

I say that you take Pixie out every night and have her pee in the same place on your neighbor's lawn repeatedly. That oughta teach her to mind her own business.

I cannot BELIEVE that tummy, Jess! You are still gorgeous, though.