Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whatsit called again?

24 weeks today! Which is a milestone in that the Insider Resider is now officially viable. She celebrated by letting her daddy feel her kick for the very first time in Sacrament.

Another example of some good mind-reading on Dave's part:

Last night after some dinner out with friends, Dave mentioned that he always gravitates toward ordering the same foods at any restaurant he goes to if they have them on the menu (jambalaya and fajitas).

"I am always drawn to certain things too," I agreed. "I always want to order..." (insert pregnancy-brain malfunction; my forgetfulness is reaching proportions to match my midsection).

"What's it called? You know. Uhh... fallejas?" Dave gazed at me as though my head had accidentally fallen off and my gaping neck was squirting him with blood.

"No. Callejos? Rallejas?" I kept guessing made-up concoctions of sounds, hoping the correct word would eventually escape down my brain and out my tongue.

"Oh," Dave said, the look of disdain diminishing. "Chile Rellenos."

"Yes. Exactly," I said.


Courtney said...

So sorry about the pregnancy brain. Don't worry, it will soon be replaced by the "I have a newborn baby, and am therefore severely sleep-deprived" brain.

Love ya!

Emily said...

That's funny, but it would be easier if you didn't eat so much food with exotic names. I won't ever have that problem, unless I forget how to say shrimp, and I find that unlikely.

(By the way, I sent you an email. The display board with the clothespins, school papers, and picture of you as a little girl was taken down and you're welcome to have it, but let us know if you want it.)

Stephanie said...

The memory thing only gets worse once the baby comes. I had an amazing memory prior to Isaiah. So worth it though!:)