Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aaah, pink...

Now, I have done my due diligence when it comes to researching nursery ideas. I've scoured the internet. I've browsed every baby accessory known to man, I mean, pregnant woman. I've waded my way through every shop that's affordable. I've drooled my way through every shop less so. My desire is to create the most gorgeous wonderland of pale pink shabby chic French toile vintage nursery-ness that has ever been stunk up by the poopy behind of a tiny girl. If you could see what was in my head, it would look like a gorgeous smorgasbord of these:

Alas. It is not in my budget.

The bedding I would like to buy is $450. There is no point in even bringing this up with Darling Husband, as it would be pointless and might be cause for coronary explosions or severe apoplectic seizures on his anxious part, and as of yet I have no desire to do him in.

This bedding alone is almost the entire cost of the full-room furniture set we are contemplating at Big Lots, the thought of which is already reducing DH to anxious sweats. He has already put his foot down against a changing table. ("We can change her on the carpet!" he pronounced.) Yesterday he suggested that even Wal-Mart and Big Lots were too expensive, so instead we should forage garage sales and paint our finds. While not a bad idea, I remain firm. I'm not trying to shop at Pottery Barn, folks; I just refuse to believe Big Lots is out of my league.

We have not even begun to think about the rest of the house, which will also have to be furnished when we move in, coincidentally right around when The Insider Resider makes her debut. Between us, we currently possess one couch (and two rooms needing a couch) a kitchen table with no chairs, a queen-sized bed (we are used to a California King at the 'rents) and a small dresser. Th... th... th...that's all folks! I used to have a houseful of nice furniture but Dave convinced me to let it go when I moved from LA, promising we would buy more when the time came. I believed him because this was before we were married and he was still carefully guarding his...frugal...side. Now I know "buying more" likely really means scouring craigslist ads and foraging through alleyways and dumps. (Oooh... hope he doesn't read that last part-he'll probably suggest some promising alleyways.)

I will have to pull out all my craftiest bargain-iest stops.

Can anyone sew???


M-A said...

Sewing is so easy and learning will be one of the best investments you can make as far as decorating. I dreamed of similar nurseries and sewed some blue toile (my poor boys) curtains and crib bumper. My sewing skills consist of a 3rd grade 4-H class that I barely paid attention in. But I know how to sew a straight line and that's all you need to know. I have made curtains for my whole house (I just copy what I can't afford from pottery barn). Too bad you don't live close, I would totally teach you.

Blythe said...

I wish I could be of some help, but unfortunately I happen to be missing the crafty gene. YOU, however, have proven over and over that you certainly DO possess this gene, so I have no doubt that you'll come up with something incredible!

Dave Fuhriman said...

The Pumpkin Carriage Bed is just too much. I can't help but chuckle/chortle/guffaw every time I look at that.

Just let this thought sink in:


Scrooge McGrumpyPants

Will and Sandy said...

IKEA has baby furniture and it is nice. I have friends that have used it and it is very reliable and affordable. Also, Will and I used a chest of drawers threw a changing pad on top of it and called it a changing table. It is now Emily's chest of drawers. We have many friends that have done this:) You can get your dream nursery on a budget. Don't fret!

Jessica said...

I agree, sewing is easy. For bedding you only need to know how to sew a straight line!

AND I agree with Dave on the pumpkin carriage bed. Too much. Way too much.

Robyn said...

Check with people in the ward too! You usually can always find people wanting to get rid of stuff, because they are done with kids. I got a changing table for 2$ at a yard sale. I will sell it to you for $3. LOL. We never really had a nursery for Soph, and Gunner has pink sheets too because Chris didn't want to pony up the funds for blue bedding. Just keep an eye out and you can pick up some good stuff.

Courtney said...

I have no doubt that Baby Girl Fuhriman's room will still end up being the pink scrumptiousness of your dreams.

Please, please, please avoid the alleyways.

You should point out that all these items can be used by future children, so it is really only going to be expensive just this first time.

That'll work, right? He'll believe that, won't he?

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Those nurseries look just like I imagined your baby would have. It really is easy to make your nursery look similar to one of those for way less. You just need paint and a sewing machine. Your mom is really good at sewing, isn't she?

Of course you do need furniture, but you're good at finding bargains. Anything basic is good, then you can dress it up!

So, the pumpkin carriage may be a little much!

McKeehan's said...

Shanda can sew -- maybe you need to come out or I need to send Shanda out so you guys can have a sew fest of epic proportions. I bet you could get the whole room done in a week if you and Shanda focused.

The Janecks said...

I will help you make anything you want. I am trying to get some more ideas of things to sell in my boutique. We can go fabric shopping!!! I love you ideas by the way...very vintage/whimsical. By the way, I LOVE the carriage.

Jessica said...

THANK YOU BRITTNEY! The carriage bed is gorgeous. Too much for what? Too much cuteness, you probably all meant to say. And it's only $3500. (Dave laughed very hard when I told him that part.)