Monday, January 5, 2009

63 Days!

I watched a show last night that showed puppies in the womb- it was so precious and combined my current two most favorite topics- pregnancy and dogs- and thus I of course screamed with excitement for Dave to join me in watching this most educational and stunning documentary. Dave came to see what I was hollering about, but got a funny look on his face and didn't sit down.

"You don't want to watch this?" I asked incredulously.

"Um." he said. "Uh... I don't think I find this as interesting as you do."

The compromise was that he joined me, but with his laptop on his lap. Therefore he neither saw nor heard any of the fascinating fact-oids, but I wasn't alone in the room. (I did take many an opportunity to repeat riveting tid-bits for his benefit though.)

I learned a lot. Who would have thought?! Dogs see only in blue and yellow, which helps for night vision. Wolves have bigger brains, and thus skulls, than dogs, but experts aren't sure that means they're smarter. (It got me thinking- Do dogs get morning sickness? Just imagining that made me praise the brilliance of my former self in choosing to rid Pixie of her baby-making parts at an early age.) And the gestation period for a dog- 63 days! It is so UNFAIR!!! I would have less than 2 weeks to go!

But at least I don't have to eat my own placenta to make my milk come in.


dana said...

I watched a show on the gestation of Elephants, Dolphins, and Dogs and an Elephant is pregnant for OVER a year! Ugh. How would you like that?! :)

Emily said...

ewwww.... no eating anything like that!