Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Really Perked Up When I Heard the Obama Girls are Getting a Puppy

I should be more ashamed than I am to admit: I am not into politics.

*Secret Confession*: I don't really think my one vote counts.

I can not count the countless times folks have spent hours trying to talk me out of this horrible thought. I know. It's America. I am horrible. I know.

But there's about a zillion of us voting. No one can convince me my one tiny vote makes a difference.

To talk me out of this line of thinking when I was little, my dad told me this story: There was a man who lived right next to a huge lake. The lake was very fun for parties and picnics and the man liked to have giant parties at his house for all of his friends to enjoy. The only thing was, the lake was kind of smelly. It smelled a tad bit like a swamp. People couldn't really enjoy the lovely party or picnic if they had to be smelling a swampy smell. But, luckily, the man had enough friends coming to his parties, that each of them only needed to bring one small bottle of perfume as a cover charge and dump it in the lake on the way in, and the lake would smell lovely. Just one tiny bottle. Tragedy of the story: Lake-Man's friends EACH figured that since their bottle of perfume was so small, it wouldn't matter if they didn't bring it, because everyone else would make up the difference. Well, what do you think happened? Moral of the story: the lake turned stinky and everybody had a sucky time at the party.

I don't know, my friends. Even at the time I was skeptical.

Because I am married now and my husband feels as strongly as anyone about voting, I was going to do it for him. I filled out my registration forms and drove them over to the drop box on the last day. I don't even know what I was supposed to get in the mail, but Dave got his AND MINE NEVER CAME. Let me tell you something. I am annoyed. I didn't really care about voting to begin with. But I asked lots of questions this year, spent my good time downloading forms and filling them out, and DROVE across town to submit them. Humph! This made me very grouchy.

THEN my very own strict-about-voting husband told me it didn't matter anyway, because I was going to vote Republican and Oregon is a total Democrat state! Which, if I cared enough, could get me started on my hatred of the idea of electoral votes to begin with...

PS- I like Obama. He seems very likeable and his daughters are cute and even though Dave says he has bad ideas about taxes I think he is a good guy.

PPS- Yay that the election is over- last night it took precedence over Biggest Loser and that is NOT COOL.


Dave Fuhriman said...

Of course your vote COUNTS... I was just trying to make you feel better, dear wife.

Obviously I didn't do a good job since you feel crappy, especially about staring at Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw instead of Jillian screaming at people to do another pushup and pitching Ziploc Steam Bags.

Emalei said...


I LOVE your post! It's a breath of fresh air among all the other doomsdayers over Obama's election. I could here you saying everything you wrote!

I like Obama too, and I'm excited that he is our new president! O-BAMA!

Robyn said...

Well I have to agree, and disagree:) I agree that it seems as if one vote really doesn't matter, because if you are not in a battle gound state, your vote probably doesn't matter. But then it does matter...Ok, I am getting mad already. Anyway, agree with Dave about bad taxes, and agree that I am glad that it is finally over. I do have to say, that I voted and even though I know Montana is a RED state, and only carries 3 electoral votes, it feels really good to know I did my civic duty. Plus all those years when women couldn't vote gives me a bit of motivation too! I am so done now. Tah tah

diana said...

I feel the same way about voting. I know I should have more of a say, but I feel it won't make a difference. Brett gives me a bad time about it too. The taxes things gets me, but what are ya gonna do?

Stephanie said...

Okay you sound just like me. My little sister is little miss politics and it drives me crazy. Especially living in Oregon where your vote is more like a suggestion. A suggestion in my mind that isn't going to make a crap of a difference. I do however feel very strongly about measure voting and knowing what is going on in your community:)

Jen said...

Yo are So stinkin funny I can't take it!!! How funny is it that I have Jillian's book about weight loss and training (insert giggle).

Staci said...

You are insane about voting, but I think we've had this conversation before.

I feel that this post could've been on the simply so blessed blog.

Call me so we can catch up about the reunion.

Emily said...

you know my thoughts on voting ;) hee hee love you!