Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Witchy Woman

Halloween is coming and that must be why I met such a witch at work! I was helping out at the registers the other day and was lounging there with no one in line when a woman started meanly saying something to the new girl, working her very first shift. I couldn't hear what had been said, and as she stalked furiously to my counter, she repeated it for me.

"I SAID, so I guess you have to work here to be considered important at all!" This was spit out with an incredible amount of venom.

"Um," I said, starting to scan her stuff at lightning speed, to rid ourselves of her. "Uh, was there a problem?"

She lividly recounted that the person helping her with fabric had walked away from her in the middle of it and that I (I??!) had ignored her when she walked up, and obviously everyone at this store was only concerned with other workers and not the customers (???) and blah blah top-of-her-lungs blah.

The way she spoke was so rude, and abusive actually, that I had to steel myself for a moment before responding.

"I'm sorry, and I can assure you that none of us meant to offend you," I told her politely. She continued to rant viciously, pointing her finger at me and accusing me of not caring, and interrupted when I tried a few times to speak again. It was obvious that there was no way to help her, because she was quickly losing her mind with the accusations and yelling. The new girl looked on in horror. As is standard procedure, I told Psycho Hose Beast I needed to see her ID for her credit card purchase. She flung it at me. FLUNG. IT. AT. ME. Whaaaa?? I seriously considered flinging it back. Instead, I finished the transaction quite mutely, no longer attempting to respond.

As she snatched her purchases up she put her finger in my face and declared, "And you better believe I'm calling your managers about you, to tell them ALL ABOUT your 'Don't-give-a-sh*t' attitude!"

I found my voice.

"I think that's a great idea!" I praised effusively, and she was stopped dead in her tracks. "Do it!" I urged warmly. Then I sweetly blew her a kiss.

Her shock was complete.

"Wow," the new girl said, after she left. "She sure had a stick up her butt!"

"Well she does ride a broomstick," I reasoned.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you had to deal with that. Do you ever wonder what they would do if the tables were turned? I wish sometimes I could videa tape people and play it back for them to help them understand how rude they are. I have been in that situation many times before and it boils my blood. Hope those days are few and far between for you!!
Take care,

Robyn said...

Rad, I wish you had refused service to her though. Unreal sometimes what goes through people's heads!

Jessica said...

When I worked at the Tire and Lube in WalMart I had a guy yelling at me about how terrible the service was and how slow the mechanics were and how long it takes....
Sheesh! I can do 0.0 things about any of that. And it took all my self-control to not holler back at him.
He kept insisting that he had been there over 2 hours, but when you check in your vehicle it automatically registers on the computer inside and counts every minute you are there. He had barely been waiting an hour. AND we would tell people as they register their car..."it's a 90 minute wait" or whatever...
So, dude. You knew.
You're not getting free stuff.
Stop complaining.

Nicole said...

Yucky story. Sorry you had to endure that.

I had a super-weird experience with a librarian being rude to me as I tried to check out books. She was complaining that I wasn't passing the books far enough over the counter for her to reach (while I struggled with my two little children). She raised her voice at me in the library!

Emily said...

it must be going around. Alisa had almost the same experience! wow! hope you're great

Staci said...

if you have time to be yelled at by a rude lady, you have time to call your old friend, me!

Courtney said...

People amaze me sometimes. I am convinced that the whole world is going utterly insane...hopefully, it's not contagious! Love your reaction, though! Absolutely perfect!

Jess said...

Good for you for not crying! I would have--that kind of customer always got to me when I worked behind a counter.

hayley said...

haha that was so cool- i loved the last part when she walked away... hahaha you rock! im totally gonna do that next time someone ticks me off and idk what else to do... :)