Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nature calls

To balance out Dave's feelings of goodwill from my last post, I hereby submit this account from last night.

Dave said he was going into the den to check his email while we were watching TV. A few minutes later I found him quite asleep in bed. When I crawled in he initiated some delightful snuggle-age. Apparently his subconscious self enjoys that a tad more than his conscious self. It's funny what a full-body cuddle will do for a girl. I felt happy. I felt fulfilled. Warm and tender feelings flooded me. "This is why people get married!" I mused contently to myself. My sense of well-being was so complete it was keeping me awake. I kept thinking of all the things I am grateful for about Dave. Every reason I love him came to my mind. I imagined 42 things I could do for him to make his life easier. I planned meals I could cook him. I stared at his sleeping self with fond rapture. I was filled to the brim with love. He jostled around and I told him I loved him. He breathed loudly in response. But he jostled again a bit so I knew he wasn't entirely asleep. I tried to think of a way to express how I felt and why I couldn't sleep.

"I'm exploding with love for you," I told him.

There was a thoughtful pause. Then he replied, "I gotta pee."


Blythe said...

Men always know how to make your heart melt, don't they?

Courtney said...

This SO makes me want to get married. Just kidding, Jess. Seriously, though - why does Dave sleep so much? Is he narcoleptic?

M-A said...

guys always have the perfect timing...i think almost the exact thing has happened to us. i always bear my soul and get snoring in response:)

Julie and Todd said...

Oh the love. Feeling it...feeling it. Can totally relate.

Stephanie said...

That's hillarious! I didn't realize you had your own blog until today. I love it.