Monday, October 27, 2008

Shameless Charades!

After the Dancing Deweys went to bed, the adults had their much more mature fun:

Dave (top/left is "surfing", middle is "pierce", middle/left is "excited", and bottom/left is "teapot":

Ross (top/middle is "gun". In regards to sticking out his tongue at the bottom/right, he explained that this was not related to his word, but just helped him concentrate better):

Gilbert (the ones in the middle and top/middle are his version of "picket"):

Here I am, doing such a spot-on impersonation of stilts (can you believe they didn't get it?! Look at my so-obvious "stilts"-face!):

One of the greatest moments of the night was when Gilbert started petting his own head like a kitten.

"Cat!" we screamed. "Dog!" "Hair!" "Animal!" "Pet!"

The time ran out and he told us in exasperation, "No, DOLL!"


Nicole said...

Jessica, those collages are great! They totally capture the craziness of each actor. Fantastic way to display the guys' "skills". Your stilts shot is still my favorite.

P.S. - After you guys left, Gilbert admitted that Guesstures was very fun and a good choice. :)

Jessica said...

Thanks! I just learned how to do the collages today and it's so easy! I wish I'd been doing them all this time. Too bad there weren't really any good shots of you, me, or Christian. Well, other than my really hot "stilts"-face. :)

Todd Hillyard said...

Ridiculously Mature. I want to play!!!

Blythe said...

Hilarious! OF COURSE you look like you're on stilts, that's very impressive. Is the bottom right picture of Dave his "I just swallowed a plastic piece from my action figure" pose?

Stephanie said...

Those are great shots. It made me feel like I was there. Too bad I wasn't:(

Jessica said...

Interestingly Blythe, the bottom right picture also depicts "pierce"- that was Dave sterilizing the needle with his mouth moments before making quite the show of pain of shoving it through his ear (as depicted in the middle picture.)

Todd, and Stephanie- wish you were there too!

Staci said...

Nice calloging! i am thinking that is not a word - but way to get the spirit of the moment across on a blog.

Julie and Todd said...

absolutely CLASSIC. I so wish we lived even closer than we already do so that we could play these crazy games with you guys.