Monday, September 8, 2008


I have loved many a television show in my time. It all started with Silver Spoons in the early eighties, wherein I was so in love with Ricky Schroder that I pretended we were brother and sister, as that was the only relationship I was familiar with that would let us be together all the time. (Additionally, he became Mormon several years ago, wherein I praised the Lord and knew afresh the church was true.)

Another significant series for me was Beverly Hills 90210, which afforded me many years of wishing I was the identical twin of Kelly Taylor. (But then I hated it when she stole Dylan from Brenda. I feel sorry for Brenda to this day.) And Donna. Oh Donna. She spent the first 14 or so years widely publicizing her morals and virginity, only to have it all go down the tubes that night with David. Disappointing, Donna.

Then there was Friends. I never laughed so hard or squealed so much. My world was a better place when Ross and Rachel were on-again. I'll tell you why Jennifer Aniston's relationships never work out- 'cuz David Schwimmer's the one that got away! I bought all ten seasons on DVD and never watched them but feel better just knowing I could if I ever needed to.

All that being said, another show surpasses even these. It couldn't be done, I said. But it's been done. I'm still in shock that it's so good, though it's already going into its fifth season. Yes my friends, I am talking about The Office. Nothing has been better, nothing could be better. The awkwardness. The love-triangles. The angst. The yearning. Oh, how I love the yearning. And oh, how I love the Jim. If he can't be with me, I'm glad he's with Pam. Karen was an idiot. But aaaaaaah, how lovely to watch sweet Pam getting sweet love from Jim.


Blythe said...

Jessica, you and I were just destined to be friends. Your taste in television is flawless! "Friends" simply made all previous television a moo point. That's right, moo. It's like a cow's opinion, it just doesn't matter. But "The Office" changed all that. "The Office" made me want to talk smack to all other shows. Because I don't talk trash, I talk smack. They're totally different. Trash talk is all hypothetical like "Your mama's so fat she could eat the internet," but smack talk is happening like right now, like "You're ugly and I know it for a fact cause I got the evidence right there."

Emily said...

what about your love of the Bachelor? Cesar Milan? It's ok to have more then one favorite TV show really!

But as Blythe said, it's a moo point... one of my favorite Joey-isms that i think people need to use more often. I watch my 10 seasons when I scrapbook. not something i will get sucked into and forget about scrapbooking but something that can be on in the background to make me laugh and keep my ears busy while my mind is on the layout! :)

Diana said...

I loved Silver Spoons too!!! Office is my all time favorite show. I also love Chuck, Kitchen Nightmares and Wipeout. If you have never seen Wipeout, it is a must see!! SO FUNNY!!!

Nicole said...

Long live The Office.
Dwight and Andy are the two best dorks ever created!

Dave Fuhriman said...


I love it, and I love you.

Future Dwight

M-A said...

I'm going to have to get my hands on a silver spoons episode. We LOVE the office too. My all-time favorite office moment is when dwight comes running out of the building singing "RYAN STARTED THE FIRE" Don't know why but i laugh so hard my stomach hurts when i think about it.

Courtney said...

Oh Jessica, I love you!! Seriously. I, too am a huge fan of "Friends." In fact, I can relate almost any given moment in my life back to a "Friends" or "Sex and the City" episode (sad, I know). But ah, "The Office." And, "ooh la la" Jim. Never have I laughed so hard as when he reprogrammed all of Dwight's phones to his bluetooth. Classic.

So, if you don't already watch it, I HIGHLY recommend watching "Gossip Girl." Such the guilty pleasure, but it will leave you drooling for more.

That's what she said.

McKeehan's said...

don't worry one of my friend's used to be in "rick" shroeder's was in AZ. She can probably hook you up if you want.

Robyn said...

ROYGBIV here to agree with aforementioned TV shows. I have to throw America's NTM in there, but I have never even once seen the office. Is that sad? I have soooo many other shows too that I like, 24, CSI-LV, House, Prison break (the first season)project runway, top chef, lipstick jungle, etc. Chris gets made because I will have two shows recording at once, which means one of them has to be watched at that moment. Chris won't watch any of these with me, so he is forced to go do homework or sit at the computer for the hour. I will try out the office though. I will let you know of my opinion. Great post.

Jessica said...

Emily- Yeah, I like those shows a lot but this post was about LIFE-CHANGING ones!

Court- YAY you finally commented on the blog!! It's a first!

Shanda- The Ricker was in my friend's ward in LA (think he still is- the Pacific Palisades Ward) and I never managed to get my butt out of bed early enough to go with her to meet him. What a bummer! That is a loser for you. But still hook me up.

Roy- Tell me what you think when you watch it!!

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! You are sooooo right!
90210 changed my life so entirely that I EVEN WATCH THE REMAKE. Yep. I'm a 30 year old woman watching the new 90210. Not because I want to....because I'm contractually obligated to my 12 year old self to do so.

Also, The Office is so perfectly hilarious that it makes me wish I lived in Scranton. I want to be a Dunderhead, win a Dundie and save the rabid.
Jim is a dream. A dream come true.

My mom told me this summer that she HATES The Office. HATES it. It made me reconsider whether or not I want to hang out with her.