Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day

On Monday we went to the Oregon State Fair!

Here I am loving the duckies.

We liked the hairdos on these two.

Dave was horrified by the array of award-winning homemade clothes and announced that it was like looking at a Good Will store. He took a picture in disgust.

He captures my salivation over an embroidery machine.

Dave was apparently impressed enough with the grandeur of these reproductive organs to snap a pic to remember them by.

This piggie mama and her babies were SO cute!! Here one baby lovingly attacks his mother's sleeping eye.

At the end of the day, Dave regaled me with the list he had tallied of all of my requests since we had set foot at the fair. Apparently, in addition to wanting a piggie, I had also asked for a llama (they were starting at only $350!!) a baby goat, a team of horses, a giant kettle-corn maker, a labrador retriever (he told me I could pick between that and children), a jacuzzi, an $8500 sewing machine (hello-embroidery!!), a baby chick, a farm, and a fried Twinkie.

Alas, Dave was not in a giving mood. I did not receive even one of my requests. On the upside, I did receive a funnel cake with strawberries. I have a strict rule about fairs that involves eating everything you like. And being that my subconscious recognizes the importance of vegetables in my diet, it evidently decided to specialize in corn, as manifested by my consumption of kettle corn, a corn dog, and some buttery corn on the cob. And Dave is sure that our funnel cake had high fructose corn syrup. I also had french fries and an Icee. After all, a rule is a rule.

I ate my corn cob while watching a fabulous national dog-jumping competition where one of the handlers fell into the water pit in her white t-shirt. It was a highlight.

All in all, Dave gives our fair experience a round of applause!


Nicole said...

I showed Sam and Max your piggy video. Max loved it. He kept yelling, "Piggy bite you!" at the computer screen.

I love the food pictures, as I am obsessed with trying intresting new foods. I am sorry you didn't get a fried Twinkie. I am curious how they taste.

dana said...

I highly approve of everything ate. In fact...I want it all now!!
Summer time = County Fair and greasy food. I love it.

Robyn said...

I have been craving funnel cake since we left Santa Monica. We had a little potato festival here a few weeks back and I said a prayer in my heart that there would be delicious funnel cake with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. NOPE. I am envious. Tell Dave he is supposed to give you everything you want.

Tracy said...

This looks like such fun! It makes me miss home and end of summer/beginning of fall fairs. Love em.
The Muilenburgs

Jessica said...

Robyn, you have to get a funnel-cake maker!! I have produced some tasty gems from mine. It comes with the mix and everything. Maybe I will get you one for Christmas.

Robyn said...

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed one. I went to Macy's today (considered one of their small stores) and asked if they had one. The man kind of laughed at me. I felt a wee bit sheepish. Is Macy's too good for a funnel cake maker? No, I didn't know Kathy was prego. What is she up to? Does she have a blog?

Jessica said...

Yeah Roy, Macy's is probably too good. I saw them at Bed Bath and Beyond and Big Lots. :)

No blog for Kathy yet but she says she's starting one soon!!

Todd Hillyard said...

It's a trifecta of corn, according to Todd. He loves trifectas. And I love corn!!!