Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fun stinks!

Today Todd and Julie and their sons (Mush and Burrito) and I went to the Elephant Garlic Festival!

To put it lightly I feel very strongly about garlic. It might well be my favorite flavor ever. The delectable scent of it cooking can send me to levels of bliss heretofore unattained. Dave thinks garlic is often over-rated and over-used. He has previously expressed wide-eyed concern over my heavy-handedness in the cooking of this fine plant, which I naturally ignore. With him gone this weekend, I found the perfect opportunity to commune with the bulb from heaven above. Fellow garlic lovers, the Hillyards, heard I was going and, as anyone with half a brain would, wanted in too. I told the Hillyards they were allowed to accompany me on one condition: I got to hold Mush the entire time and if someone complimented me on him I could thank them and claim him right up. They agreed to the terms.

There were millions of booths selling dried garlic, fresh garlic, jarred garlic, canned garlic, and braided garlic, along with many luscious garlic products, garlic entrees and crafts for the crafty. I finally bought some delectable garlic ranch salad dressing and garlic cream salad dressing mixes, which we surreptitiously sampled from the sample booth 5 times each while considering.

Burrito enjoyed a bouncy house and a bouncy slide with his mom.

Burrito and his daddy wore matching Elmo t-shirts which roughly 17,000 people commented on. Here Burrito gives some garlic kisses to his daddy (and simultaneously pokes his eye out.)

It's easy to make Mush smile.

Some decked-out horses were giving people buggy rides.

Note their glittery nail polish, in celebration of this vegetable from on high:

As I drank my mango lemonade (DELICIOUS!!!) and inhaled my garlic bread (buttery salty grilled bread with the most enormous roasted cloves I've experienced in my life) we rocked out to some rather sub-par Trisha Yearwood cover songs.

Due to the garlic-high, we forgave the sub-parness.

Bye bye Elephant Garlic Festival 2008! See you next year!


Dave Fuhriman said...

Can we go to the Gargantuan Dill Seed Festival in Aloha next month to celebrate another fine seasoning? Please? I hear Steve Urkel is leading the Macarena.

I love you! See you tomorrow...

Julie & Todd said...

I'm laughing my head off as you recap the experience. Every detail totally accurate...I can vouch. And I allow you to claim him as your own because it makes me so happy you love him enough to want to do so. And the feeling is mutual. He told me.

Hayley said...

aw! mush is sooo cute!! :D and i love garlic, i just have to say... :) its fun to prepare and extremely yummy when cooked with broccoli, EVOO and seasonings!! yum :) yes i am obsessed with breaking dawn and i have made it to chapter 8 in Jacob's book- im gonna go read it ASAP!!!

Nicole said...

I have wanted to check out the garlic festival for several years now. Thanks for your post... it looks like the Dewey Crew had better go next year!