Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Elements of a Perfect Run:

*Available rain or shine
*Allows one to run before bothering to look presentable in the morning
*Indicates exact distance and calories burned- very satisfying for a girl just trying to get it over with
Clippy Fan:
*You can clip it right on the treadmill- aaaaaaaaaaaaahh
Propel Fitness Water:
*So yummy
*Like, no calories (maybe 10)
*Peach-flavored is best
Yesterday: Ran two miles, walked one.

Today: Ran two miles.

From whence cometh yonder blessed motivation? Good question.
From whence yonder blessed motivation should have cometh? My favorite workout shorts causing me to momentarily consider the possibility (after a year's worth of washings) that they've just now shrunk.
On a side note, all this running is making me hungry all the time. This is slightly less than helpful in regards to the diet portion of my new "achieve-bodily-perfection" idea.