Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Furry Friendship

Posted by Pixie

Today Daddy wasn't coming home from work until late, so I was treated to an extra walk in the evening. I was on my best behavior- I made sure to take a very long time sniffing everything in sight and barked loudly if I imagined the presence of another dog in the surrounding tri-state area. You know how it is. Gotta keep Mommy safe. She wouldn't run away if a dog came right UP to her. No sense in her head so it's up to me.

As we walked by Roscoe and Izzy's house they saw me from the window and lost their minds with barking. I realized who it was and as Mommy tried to drag me away I resisted with all my might, crying loudly and shrilly with begging screams intermingled, to be allowed to go up to the house. I STARED at Mommy. I whimpered and cried more. I made more of the monkey shriek sounds. I really laid it on thick. Mommy did a few more feeble attempts to drag me away, but with less conviction now. I let out a really long and sad yowl, letting Mommy (and most of the town) know that I would be tortured if I wasn't allowed to somehow see those dogs.

You might remember from previous postings that Izzy and I don't get along. But Mommy felt sorry for me so up to the door we went.

I immediately raced in as the door was opened and Izzy raced to let me know this was not acceptable. She growled and screeched at me for about 15 minutes but I didn't even try to fight her because I was so glad to be seeing them. My tail went a mile a minute. I grunted with pleasure and flung myself into the submissive position on my back where I spent most of my time because Izzy not-so-secretly wanted to kill me. But I was happy.

We were allowed in the backyard and though Izzy worked very hard to intimidate me, I wouldn't hear of it. If she tried to bite my neck I would body slam her playfully and then wag with all my might. If she tried to growl viciously right into my ear I would race away and back again to make her chase me. If she really seemed to be losing her cool I would army crawl up under her chin to give her quick little licks. If she tried to hide under a lawn table in confusion I would race under after her and whack her with my paw to make sure she knew she should play with me now. I really showed her some fun.

I even helped her out by emptying her food bowl so she could get some fresh stuff instead.

I think we're best friends now for sure.