Monday, November 11, 2013

Girls' Get-away

For the first time EVER, I left my kids for the weekend (Thurs-Sun) to enjoy a weekend with my sisters-in-law and a couple friends. We stayed at a GOREGOUS home in Scottsdale, Arizona, thanks to Catherine's brilliant planning and invitation. So relaxing. Pedicures, great company, reading, lounging by the pool, napping, and the best restaurants in town made for pretty much the best weekend ever. Also, it turns out my kids didn't seem to notice much that I was gone. I'm 32 weeks along, so with Baby Boy coming at the beginning of the new year, this was a perfect last chance to get away, child-free, while I still could.
 Our view
Mock-tails on the terrace
Sunset in Scottsdale
The ladies
32 weeks 


Todd Hillyard said...

Don't give any ideas to Julie !! Looks like a blast. Say hi to the sun.