Saturday, December 1, 2012


Little Karina is 14 months old, average in height, and 5th percentile in weight. She says the words Daddy, Yeti, ball, cup, doggy, poop, hi, and no-no-no while shaking her finger. If you ask her who my baby is she points to her chest and says Kar-Kar. She sings and dances to the Cat in the Hat show ("Go go go go!" and "Up up up up!") If you ask her for a diaper she will go get one and can point to her head and her hair on command. She is a little confused about the face- every time you ask where her nose is, she points to her mouth. :) She is obsessed with the cat, drools like nothing I've ever seen before, wakes up all night long, and gets the same reaction frequently: "She is too little to be walking!" Right now she has Hand-foot-and-mouth Disease. She and her sister play and laugh and scream together all day long.