Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 Months

A week before she turned 10 months, the eczema on Karina's face magically disappeared. At her nine-month apointment (that happened the day she turned 10 months) the doctor said she was right on target for when it usually clears up. Her ankles and the backs of her knees are still red and scaly and itchy but she looks so much better now that you can really see her sweet face. :) If I feed her dairy products her face explodes into a frenzy again, but she seems to have no issues with wheat (the doc thinks she is allergic to nuts though) and she doesn't seem to have a problem eating things with small traces of dairy in them. Her head-size was 90th percentile, her height 31st percentile, and her weight was 18th percentile. She has not been an actual eater of any foods until last Thursday when out of the blue she ate about 20 freshly-picked raspberries! It was so exciting! She didn't spit them out or drool them away- she actually swallowed them! And then today she ate about 15 freshly-picked blueberries! Clearly berries are our friends. :)

She can walk behind a push-toy, clap, wave 'hi' and 'bye' and wiggle her tongue in and out of her mouth when prompted. She is madly in love with her sister and the cat and continues to allow herself to cheerfully be held by anyone that wants to. The doctor was frankly shocked at how happy and smiley and friendly she was at the appointment (quite the opposite of Annalise who did not stop screaming once at her own 9-month appointment) and told me, "You realize this age is the HEIGHT of stranger-danger, right? And she has none!" She and Annalise have had their first babysitter come twice now and both are happy as clams about it, to say NOTHING of how their mother feels. Tonight her fourth tooth (second on top) poked through. She is growing up!

Karina at 10 months:


Valerie and Mercado Family said...

She's so sweet! Glad her face is clearing up!