Saturday, May 5, 2012

Easter Sunday

On Easter morning, Annalise enjoyed a backyard egg hunt.

Then we went to church, and afterwards, to an amaazingly delicious catered dinner party (even for me, who could eat no wheat or dairy!) at the Newsoms' barn. Annalise loved their dogs and horses and chickens.

We went to Dave's parents' house for a bit before heading home and our cute little almost-crawler almost crawled.

We took a walk around the greenbelt in Oak Hills before calling it a night.

A lovely day through and through!


Butters said...

AMAZING! Your photography is so beautiful! Do you take pics for other people? My daughter is getting baptized in Aug. and I want to have some pictures of her in her dress in a field of some sort. I would love if you could do it????? Let me know whatcha think.

Jessica said...

Thanks so much! I started doing it for other people at the beginning of the year- come 'like' my Facebook photography page (Dreamy Belle Photography) if you're interested- I post lots of pics there. :) In fact, I just did a baptism shoot this weekend. :) I LOVE the idea of doing your daughter in her dress in a field... email me at and we can chat more! :)

Jessica said...



Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Love, love it! Her dress your mom gave her is gorgeous too!