Sunday, April 29, 2012

Everyday Life

Annalise is obsessed with princesses. If there was a word a thousand times more potent than 'obsessed' that would actually be the correct term. She likes the movies, the songs, the clothes, the toys, anything that sports a princess's face. For Christmas she got a princess nightgown and she wears it every moment of the day and night that she is home. I make her wear actual clothes when we leave the house but she rips them off immediately upon re-arrival to once again sport her Rapunzel-Wear. 

Days are often similar, one to the next. Annalise enjoys reading to the baby. 

She plays with her and has sweet one-sided conversations. (Often the conversations are on the topic of her nightgown. "You see my pretty dress, Baby? This my pretty dress. It soooo pretty, huh, Baby?" and "I look like a princess, Baby! You see? You see I look like a princess, Baby?" and if she likes what Karina is wearing, "You look like a princess, Baby!")

Karina loves every ounce of attention she gets.

She has two teeth now, can scoot very well to get whatever she wants, and is quite loud in her displeasure if you take away something she wants. She is generally extremely mild, but when she cares about something she's a feisty little thing.

Annalise plays with bubbles, romps in the yard, chases the cat, makes pretend cakes, and takes the cushions off the couch so it can be a more effective trampoline. She likes to build with her blocks and when she impresses herself with a particularly tall creation, gasps and screams, "Oh my GOSH! I make a big big tower!"


Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Ah yes, I remember the princess days. My girls both had their phases when that is all they did too. Karissa's was not quite as long, but she does have a princess dress on today, so it's not totally over for her yet!