Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conference Sunday

General Conference, if not terrific for the reasons it used to be (so uplifting when I could actually listen to what was going on) is at least still terrific because it means avoiding the necessity of getting three girls coiffed to perfection as well as three hours of midget-wrestling. So while perhaps we didn't get as much out of it as in the pre-kid days, we still kept busy and were more relaxed than usual.

I picked some flowers from the front yard.

Karina explored her new-to-her exersaucer.

Annalise made a bird-feeder.

We took a walk around the neighborhood and appreciated the pretty spring blossoms.

And amidst two loud and boisterous shrimpy folks, we heard a tiny bit of Conference. We love Conference Sunday!


Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Yep, conference Sunday is different with kids, but still just as nice!