Monday, December 27, 2010


I am FORCING myself to do some much-needed catch-up on this here blog before I post any Christmas pictures. We'll start with Halloween. Annalise was a pumpkin. She trick-or-teated to one door (her grandparents') and that was it. She liked it though because she got to knock, which she loves to do. Also, they gave her straight candy, which was a first for her. She was quite a fan.

She was also a ladybug.

All I did here was sit her against the wall. The other kids are like, "What's the problem?"

The kitty-cat and the pig are like, "Seriously, what's her deal?"

Annie and her play-group buddies:

Since the 31st was on a Sunday, Annalise had to be festive for church so she wore orange and green.


SassyMama said...

Darling pics!
The teeth add to the jack-o-lantern look:)

Cassidy said...

She is seriously cute.

Jodie said...

Her smile in those pumpkin costume pictures is priceless!

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Those Halloween playgroup pics should be in a book or poster- they're classic!