Sunday, November 21, 2010

Annalise Finds Her No-no

Lately it seems this blog is just a record of new words that Annalise says. Which is probably very boring and since this is my journal, who knows if I'll even care to remember what day she learned what word at this point? But oh well. As it happens it's so exciting!

Once, weeks ago, I pointed to my nose and asked Annalise if she could say 'nose'. She said, "No!" and pointed to her own nose. She never did it again. Then tonight, for fun, I threw the word in there as one of the things I asked her to repeat. "Can you say nose?" I asked her, pointing to mine. "No-no!" she replied, pointed to her own. She repeated her new trick many times, even performing it for daddy when we went in the next room to show him. :)