Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day

Over Labor Day weekend we visited the state fair (all the pictures somehow disappeared! Boo!) and hiked to some beautiful waterfalls in Washington. We also hunted fruitlessly (literally and figuratively) for Huckleberries but alas, missed their elusively ripening selves by one week.

Annalise got her first experience in a hiking backpack. She was very against the idea.

Once she was trucking around on Daddy's back she changed her mind though.

Several species of berry were tasted along the way, just to make sure we weren't walking right by the fleeting fruit we sought.

For the record: we were not. And the second one made Dave's tongue numb.

Darling Julie and her six-months-pregnant self had to be reigned in a bit. First she scaled off the side of a mountain to retrieve a water bottle her son threw.

Then she tried to carry her enormous three-and-a-half year-old in a backpack.

We nipped that in the bud and Dave carried him and I got Annalise.

The whole time Julie was loudly protesting that she could have done it, she really could have done it. We know, Julie. We know you could have done it.

The waterfalls were so beautiful.

Happy Labor Day!



nicole said...

I am very impressed with your hike. Pregnancy, toddlers, and infants are major hiking deterrents, so kudos to you guys.

Todd Hillyard said...