Tuesday, June 8, 2010


On Saturday afternoon a miraculous miracle occurred on my behalf.

We decided to go to the Rose Gardens, as I've never been, the weather was wonderful, and it's free. Getting ready, I went back and forth to the car several times collecting things we needed as the amount of stuff a baby requires to leave the home equals that of approximately twenty-seven adults. We got in the car and Dave opened the sun roof, which he does not normally do, but it was such a lovely day. We drove two miles to the freeway onramp, stopping at many stop signs and street lights. We got on the freeway and drove several miles before we got off at an exit, made a turn and stopped at another stoplight. As the car slowed, something bonked me on top of my head and as I reached up my hand to feel it, the offending bonker plopped into my palm. In my hand sat my iPhone. The iPhone I had forgotten I had set on top of the car while it was still in our garage, that rode with us those many miles, took a trip on the freeway, and then slid conveniently back into my possession through the open sun roof.

Dave and I were speechless as we stared at it in wonder. Shocked. Amazed. THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER. Truly a miracle.

Once we got to the Rose Gardens we ran into Annalise's best friend Anna and her family. They had had the same idea! Our good camera was out of batteries but we brought along our point-and-shoot.

When we were done touring the Garden, we explored the new and awesome playground a short walk away. Annalise, who loves swings more than life, could have stayed in all day. As it was, I think she swung for an hour.

She even played on some playground toys for the first time! What a big girl!!

I convinced Dave to take her down the slide. Apparently it was a tighter squeeze than we expected so it wound up being a solo run.

Then we had dinner at the Hillyards'. A lovely Saturday, through and through.


The Aldridges said...

Love it! Love you! Love Annalise! And I wish Max loved the swing as much as annalise does. We've tried them twice and each time he has a completely terrified look on his face... I hope I'm not raising a wimpy child. haha See you tomorrow! : ) Thanks for all your help...you are the bestest best best!

Jess said...

The Rose Garden is my absolute favorite place in Portland. Glad you had such fun!

SassyMama said...

Most fabulous on the iPhone miracle. I am very impressed with your style. You meant to do that, right?:)

*sigh*The Rose Gardens*sigh*

Staci said...

A - You look amazing

B - Annalise is adorable

C - what a blessing about the Iphone

D - I want to move to Portland, and go to the Rose Garden with you

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Yes, you do look fabulous!

Austin loves the swings too! They need to be swing buddies sometime...

melis said...

jess, it's always such a joy to read your blog because it's so full of joy! and you do look lovely. your baby has now turned into a little mini jessica...it's so wonderful to see your fun times and thank goodness about the phone!