Saturday, June 12, 2010

Max's Birthday Party

Annalise's attended her first birthday party. Her little friend Max turned one! The theme was the card game UNO. As his birthday gift I freezer-paper stenciled him an UNO shirt to wear to his party. (Idea and tutorial from here.) I've been wanting to try the technique for awhile and it turned out really cute!

Here he is sporting his shirt.

We made him a card,

and since I really love a theme party (and Max's mom Kelsey!) I helped out by designing an UNO-themed invitation,

and making some fun decorations. Among them were lots of paper pom poms,

some UNO-themed party plates,

and an UNO card birthday "cake".


Max's mom made some really adorable cupcake toppers.

Annalise and Kelsey

Max slowly and methodically enjoyed his cake.

Annalise enjoying herself at the party.

Now I can not WAIT for Annalise's first birthday! Parties are so much FUN!!!


Emily said...


PDXTingeys said...

You are so creative! What a fun idea for a party. You should be a professional party planner.

Jessica said...

Thanks guys! I also made a cute UNO card garland and we did an adorable HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX banner as well as tons of streamers and balloons and it was seriously a birthday wonderland. I wish I remembered to get pictures of it all!

dana said...

The party turned out great! You did such a cute job and as the photos. thanks for sharing with me Jessica :)

[M] said...

ok, so i should totally have hired you to help with my max's party this weekend. it is so hard to plan parties with three kids! yours turned out darling.

Christi said...

Well, that is just stinkin' adorable! I have a kids' party theme ideas site, Any Reason for Cake. I will be linking this and writing an article on this theme ASAP! Sheer brilliance!

nicole said...

Well done, ladies. Lovely theme, creative ideas, good execution -- you guys seem pretty much pro.

Todd Hillyard said...

I hope we get the time right for Annalise's party. Thanks for documenting the party we missed.


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