Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vacay at the Oregon Coast!

Dave is a pretty hard worker. It would normally take a giant crowbar to pry him from his desk at work for any significant amount of time. UNLESS! he has a week of paid time-off that he will lose if he doesn't use by the end of March. So away we went to the beach house!

To join us for the weekend came the Hillyards, Deweys, and Aldridges. YAY!

On Saturday we hiked (well they hiked; Annalise napped in the car for two hours and I dared not wake her) and visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

On Sunday we went to church at the little branch in Neahkahnie and afterwards I became single-focused on getting pictures of the babes on the beach in their church clothes. Luckily for Annalise, three-year-old Liam was there to steady her still-wobbly-sitting self...

until at one point he forgot himself and the supportive arm became a choking headlock:
But all was quickly well again:

We went inside for brunch,

and back out to beach once more before everybody took off.

We were sad to see them go, but our vacation was still just beginning! We spent a lot of time napping...

and just hanging out...

We walked around town,

and frolicked on the beach,

and some of us slept on the beach.

We drove around through the coastal cities and bought some fresh smoked salmon

... and then my baby turned seven months old! Which she celebrated by SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! FOR SEVEN HOURS! It was so thrilling I was practically high on sleep. I had let her sleep on her stomach unswaddled the whole night thanks to a helpful tip, and when it worked I let myself get really hopeful that we were starting a new. trend. My hopes were quickly dashed the next night, but at least I had one good sleep. My very exceptionally old baby just started being much more interested in solids this past week (and possibly allergic to squash) now crawls back onto our laps if we ever attempt to set her down, blows raspberries nearly constantly, grunts and growls with gusto, says 'da da da' and 'ba ba ba' over and over, and gets on her hands and knees and rocks before laying on her belly to scoot somewhere.
St. Patrick's Day found our little shamrock dressed for the occasion.
A leprechaun by the sea:

We decided to celebrate by taking Annalise on her first hike!

The view from the top:

It all went by way too quickly. Hope to see you again soon Manzanita!


PDXTingeys said...

It looks like you guys had a fun trip. You are a great photographer, I LOVE seeing all the pictures.

nicole said...

Thanks for taking and sharing such beautiful pictures of my family.

We had a smashing good time.
Let's not wait too long before we do it again.

dana said...

Jess, your photos are gorgeous. I had no idea you were such a photographer. You should change your blog template so you can post photos in XL size. I think they look so cool that way. Really shows off your talent

Cassidy said...

What a fun vacation! Love the pictures.

Jessica said...

Oooh Dana, how do I do that??? :)

Diana said...

Wish I had been to the beach. I miss it, but I will just have to wait for the summer. Hope she sleeps through the night again for you!!!!

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

I'm glad sleeping on her tummy worked for one night at least. Austin wakes up once a night now, again. But he is sleeping better than before, so I think the tummy thing still works.

Jessica said...

Val, even though she wakes up just as much after that first night of bliss, I agree that sleeping on the stomach is a good thing. I can tell she likes it, because now that she's not swaddled she always chooses to roll onto her tummy to sleep. And it ALLOWS her to sleep without the swaddle, which she can't do on her back. Thanks for the tip!

Julie and Todd said...

Greatest pictures, except that one with the high kick. Embarrassing.

Emily said...

Looks like fun! That Leprechaun by the Sea photo is hilarious!!