Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Um... Scary

Is it possible for a person who is only six months old to start going through the Terrible Twos?

Annalise has an extreme penchant for our iPhones. What can I say? She has good taste. I love my iPhone too. She is also extremely bossy and insistent about remote controls and the computer keyboard, but it's the worst with the phone. Now, this was cute for a while. This was charming for a while. Now though it's gotten to the point that we are in a constant battle for rights to this expensive teether and to tell you the truth, Annalise is winning.

Today she woke up from her nap, spied the phone in my hand, and violently snatched it. I had to make a phone call so I let her gnaw on it for a few minutes and then gently pried it from her fingers. At that exact moment she let out a scream that was exactly what it sounds like when she spies a canine or a stranger tries to touch her. Painful, terrified, tortured sounding. She screamed and screamed. Tears flung themselves down her cheeks and I immediately dropped the phone and thought she had hurt herself somehow.

"Honey, baby, sweetie, what is it? Oh no! Oh no!" I panicked, thinking her to be in extreme physical agony. Was it gas? Did she scrape herself?

I bounced and walked and rocked her and handed her back the phone, thinking maybe it could distract her. Fat tears were still rolling down her cheeks as she grabbed it and smiled at her treasure. I didn't figure out what had caused the pain but I was pleased to be able to "distract" her so well.

I gave her another minute with the phone and then went to take it back again. As I did, Annalise's body exploded like an electrified worm. Flinging and arching and screaming and contorting and and NOW I KNEW. No, she was not hurt before. No, she was not hurt now. She was MAD I TOOK THE PHONE AWAY. Astonished (and kind of frightened) I handed it back to her to see her response. Immediately silenced, she snatched it from my hand, thrust it into her mouth, and smiled winningly at me.

I think I'm TERRIFIED of the Terrible Twos.


SassyMama said...

Hold on, you are in for quite the ride, it seems:).

My kids are also big fans of the iphone. Now that they are more agile it is becoming harder and harder to keep them out of their reach:).

Good luck!:)

Diana said...

The ultimate toy!!! Andrea just found out how to take pictures with it and now is wondering around the house snapping photos. Nothing is safe!!

Staci said...

Be afraid...be very afraid. Conrad didn't start demanding technology until around his first birthday. Now at 22 months we are head-long into the terrible twos (three is actually worse than two)..at least I know what I am in for...I wish you ALL THE BEST!!