Wednesday, February 17, 2010

6 Months

Last Thursday Annalise graduated from the Beaverton Mom's Group! She talked loudly for everyone to hear, performed her rolling abilities with gusto, and cried when the leader tried to hold her. She looked so precious in her graduation cap.

On Friday morning we attended our first meeting of the Portland division of Attachment Parenting International and had a lovely time playing with toys and babies and sharing our sleep struggles with folks that weren't going to just suggest letting our Buggy-Boo cry it out. We are joining the association and looking forward to the monthly group meetings.

On Friday night we attended a very lovely karaoke party at the delightful Hillyard home. Though I was certain that Annalise had no idea what hit her when Pixie mauled her, my assumption was sadly mistaken. The two large and friendly dogs at the Hillyards have always been very well-accepted by Annalise, but when we went over there after her bite, one of them came up and put his nose to her stomach and she nearly brought down the house with her terrified screams and cries. It was so sad to see. I had no idea she knew what had happened to her, or that she would be afraid of dogs now. It was so sad. I tried again a little later, showing her the dog from arm's length but when he began moving his head quickly she exploded into terrified tears again. My poor poor poor little traumatized angel. :(

Sunday was Valentine's Day and the day before we opened the mail to find THE CUTEST ever headbands for our little baldy that anyone has ever seen. THANK YOU CRAFTY MARY ANN! Here you see the ridiculously fabulous packaging it came in, and Annalise modeling her new oh-so-trendy headgear.

Sunday morning I woke up to a surprise breakfast in bed of eggs, toast, and hot homemade bread pudding. Dave also created a handmade card and wrote me a poem and quickly found himself the recipient of both much gratitude for his thoughtfulness and many smooches to his face. That night we went to his parents' house and he and his dad cooked me and his mom a delicious dinner. It is obvious that Dave is following in the footsteps of a line of lovely Fuhriman men!

Yesterday my Buggy-Wug turned six months old! We had a doctor's appointment which started off with the nurse making a mistake AS SHE DOES AT EVERY APPOINTMENT. They tried to tell me Bugsy's head had made a giant leap in size from two months ago when it was only 60th percentile in size and I was like, Uh... no and they were like Uh, yes and I was like No way, and they were like yes yes yes and I was like You better check and then they checked and it turned out the nurse typed everything in wrong and because of my insistence they realized they had to redo everything and come up with all new percentiles. When the doctor laughed and was like, Oh the nurse must've made a mistake, Dave's eyes met mine over her head as he knew I've had it up to HERE with the nurse making mistakes.
So the CORRECT numbers are:
Head size: 44 1/2 cm, 90th percentile
Height: 27 inches, 90th percentile
Weight: 17 pounds, 75th percentile
So Sweet Pea's very large noggin that I always think is enormous is exactly proportional to her very tall self. The doctor proceeded to express that she believes the only good option for babies is to sleep in their own rooms and cry it out as means of sleep-training. Since there is never only one way and those ways certainly don't match our ways, we will be parting ways. I am excited to find a pediatrician with similar values and priorities to guide us.
The poor Buggy-Boo got two shots and the nurse, who really couldn't be more incompetent, used one band-aid to cover the pricks but when I changed the baby a bit later I found that the band-aid had accidently been placed so that it didn't cover EITHER wound and blood had gotten everywhere. In the words of my favorite blogger, MINUS TEN POINTS FOR HER.
In Sixth Month news, Annalise can sit unassisted for a few seconds at a time. She also once scootched herself two inches forward in pursuit of her binkie. Based upon my response, one might have wondered if she'd completed the Boston Marathon. She loves to touch people's faces, and has become so strong that no swaddler can contain her, thus compelling us to duct tape her prior to every snooze-inducing attempt. If we do not, she scrubs at her eyes until she wakes up APPROXIMATELY EVERY 15 MINUTES ALL NIGHT LONG and don't ask me how I know that.

Today after morning sign language class, we began attending an afternoon Gymboree class and Annalise was extremely keen on meeting the other babies and the millions of stimulating toys and activities. She was a tiny bit less keen on the instructor trying to hold her right away. She is the most precious, angelic, fabulous, adorable, inquisitive, scrumptious person I know. She just keeps getting better.
Grandma Fuhriman bought her this outfit and as I tried to memorialize it, Annalise was nothing if not CRYSTAL CLEAR in her feelings toward said memorialization.

Every day when I wake up after it's rained, the trees look so beautiful, sparkling in the light like they've been laced with spun glass. I am striving to accurately capture that beauty. I'm not there yet but I will keep trying.

Our sweetie-pie-pants:


Erica said...

wow, already 6 months? Why do they have to grow SO fast!!

Jess said...

I'm so sorry I missed her graduation. Love the cap. :)

PDXTingeys said...

Wow, I can't believe she is already six months. She is so cute and I love seeing all the pictures.

Emily said...

i cannot believe the duct tape! so awesome!

Staci said...

She's adorable, and i am so glad that you are having fun together.

I think you need to check the Woombie...That duct tape method seems less than optimal!

I hope you find a pediatician that you like. Honestly that kind of advice (along with everything else I am not interested in) now gets a response of, "Thanks for sharing that" or "Thanks for letting me know." It really doesn't even register anymore. That's what eight years as a mom attachment parent will do to you.

You will eventually get to the place that you discover there is no bullet-proof guide for you on this journey.

I stick with my pediatrician, because he's pretty common sense. We disagree on vaccination schedules, homebirth and a fair amount of things. But, it doesn't matter, because in a medical emergency he is very balanced and prudent (and ultimately that's what they are there for) - not as a parenting guide. Oh, and I like that he is a father of six. It has taken years (and several medium grade emergencies to develop that relationship of trust.

The first lady I went to (when Olivia was newborn) was giving me bogus advice about how I should nurse her in the day, and give her a bottle at night (you know to make things easier on myself -ha, ha!). I was like, "How many kids do you have?" The answer was zero, she was a brand new doctor, and breastfeeding at night sounded "too hard" to her...I wonder how many well meaning woman actually bought her baloney!

nicole said...

The duct tape picture is so very priceless.

How does Dave like those new headbands? :)

Kristen said...

1. stupid doctor.

2. that duct tape is awesome. the muslin aidan + anais blankets are amazing for swaddling little houdinni - they saved us!

[M] said...

I thought you were kidding about the duct tape until I saw the picture. So funny. My kids don't start sleeping well until they can roll onto their tummy.

Glad the headbands made it. I think I forgot to tell you that those beads could pose a choking hazard. If they make you nervous, you can snip them off...or just put them on when you will be watching her.

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

What kind of nurse is that?! Good for you to change drs. Good luck with that! Annalise is adorable!

melis said...

she looks like the happiest, most joyful little baby! that's crazy about the nurse...who does that over and over?