Friday, January 15, 2010

Love the lovely D90

It is so much more fun taking pictures with my new camera! Here is an assortment.

A child that loves her Jumperoo:

Pretty in pink:

A porcelain doll:

Annalise really loves her friend Anna:

But Anna says, "Talk to the hand!"


Diana said...

Nice pictures. I am still interested to know how Dave got this camera without spending the money. Do share!!! Do I have a brother who is being hunted by the police??????

PDXTingeys said...

Cute pictures! She looks like such a happy baby, I love her smile!

Jessica said...

Haha, luckily no police are involved. (Yet.) :) No, I just had some savings bonds that my uncle gave me when I was a year old and Dave secretly cashed them out for almost $500 and then sold his current camera and its lens on Craigslist. He likes to say the birthday gift was that he worked so hard for me to get the camera, since there was no actual expense. :)

Audrey and Adam Cottam said...

Too funny! Anna was really fascinated with just watching Annalise making different faces. I really have to work to get her to smile!

nicole said...

Okay, I am starting to covet your camera. You have some fantastic shots here. The very first one under "Pretty in pink:" -- gorgeous. I look forward to seeing more D90 action.