Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kissy Bombs

* Posted By Dave*

"I can't wait to see you as a dad."

My parents have said it.

My sisters have said it.

My friends have said it. And now, I know why they all said it.

Because they knew I'd be a Grade-A Jumbo Cheeseball Dork Dad. And they were right.

Soon after Annalise was born, I developed a new accent/dialect/tongue for speaking with my little girl. It's evolved a bit, starting off a bit French and recently turning more Swedish... but always a Smorgasbord of Cheesy. (doesn't that sounds delicious?) She now seems to respond well to it and even ALMOST break a giggle when she hears it, so I continue with it -- adding some new wrinkles or vocabulary to add to the smooth yet nutty texture of its well-aged cheesiness.

I realize that we haven't posted many videos of our little girl, but today I took a video of her reaction to a new game I made up on the spot when I got home (and off my Hong Kong conference calls, Jessica's favorite). I actually held Annalise during my entire conference call, hoping the noise cancellation on my Jawbone earpiece would drown out any of Annalise's gurgles, coos or other interesting cacophanies. And she was great throughout, but made my arm quite tired so I laid her on her bed while Jess reorganized her clothing drawers. And somehow, quite out of nowhere, the game of Kissy-Bomb was born at about 8PM tonight.

Kissy-Bomb consists of Daddy as World War II B-52 Love Bomber of Kisses Made of Love.

The Target: Annalise Nicole Fuhriman.

The Weapon of Choice: Wet, Slobbery, Daddy-Dorky Kissy-Missiles (my daddy voice even makes missiles sound baby-like!)

The Objective: Neutralize and Eliminate All Pre-Sleep Grumpiness

Secondary Objective: Make Daddy Do Ridiculous Things

Mission: Accomplished


haylie said...

New favorite quote EVER: "It's a WWII of kisses!" Yes. Yes it is.

Will and Sandy said...

That is adorable, Dave! You are a great Daddy!

Courtney said...

Actually, Dave, I think you sound more like Ren from "Ren and Stimpy." Totally adorable.

D. said...

Very sweet...Thx 4 sharing!

Erica said...

What the what???? Dave you are a goof!! In the nicest way possible, of course!