Friday, October 16, 2009

2 Months

Who knew we'd ever make it to two months? Life is hard but we are alive. Annie-Boo cries a lot. We feel like we could cry a lot. We are stressed out from the crying a lot. But we still like her.

Some two-month news:

*The Boo will often smile when she sees us. "Ooogily boogily woogily doodle!!" we screech at her, in voices high enough to shatter the kitchen windows. The baby reacts like we are the greatest things since Mommy's left breast. It is so cute we want to die.

*Her cheeks are so scrumptious they seem edible. It's all I can do not to munch them all day long. Example:

*The other day I laid the baby in the middle of a pillow in the middle of our bed to go to the bathroom. Approximately 5 seconds later I hurried back because she was screaming because I had set her down. She was laying on her face next to the pillow! She had rolled off!

*Yesterday Pixie (who never does this) curled right up to the baby's head on the couch. As Pixie is not particularly graceful, she plunked down pretty hard against her. Annalise was not offended. Instead, she turned her face toward Pixie's furry back and began slurping away on her. She gave up when she couldn't latch on but Pixie, who didn't mind at all, was left with a big slobber spot on her back.

*Buying a stroller was a total waste of money. Boo hates it and starts screaming the moment it touches her backside. Hence all of my good intentions to work out are down the drain, as we can't go on any walks or runs without the baby alerting all the neighbors that I am possibly trying to murder her. So while other new moms the world over are happily shedding every ounce of their pregnancy weight and becoming svelte beyond my wildest dreams, I am stuck at home, moaning over The Great Stroller Tragedy into a container of chocolate-covered raspberry gels.

Since she turned two months today, we took Smooshie-Face in to get her two-month portraits. She was not as cooperative as last time. There was much wailing, nursing to soothe the wails, and wailing some more. We got about three good shots and then the baby just laid her face straight down in the carpet and screamed. So the photo shoot was cut short. But at least we got a couple of cute ones. Frankly, she looks practically obese in them, which couldn't be farther from the truth. Very strange.

Here are some we took in the backyard after we got home. Happy two months Annalise! Here's hoping you become easier soon!


M-A said...

holy cow she has grown so much! she is a doll. so sorry about the fussiness. don't worry, it gets easier. i promise. make sure you fit in some "me" helps a lot.

Emily said...

She has grown a lot! I don't think she looks "practically obese" though. A little chubby, but the good kind of baby chubby. And who knows, maybe she'll change her mind about the stroller after a few more weeks, like she did with the pacifier.

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh - I love the pictures! Especially the professional one where she is smiling!

Crazy to think that it has already been two months. I remember when we all thought she would never arrive! Congrats, guys!

Anonymous said...

She is seriously so cute! Glad you posted some mommy and daughter pics on here :) She has the cutest expressions. :)

melis said...

has it been 2 months already?? crazy! how did the time fly by so fast? i hope things get easier over time...