Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Likes and Dislikes

We are learning so much about our tiny girl.


1. Being changed. Anytime a diaper is coming on or off, you can bet Anna-Boo is screaming. Which happens approximately 16,000 times a day. Which makes it tempting to get her a catheter and be done with it. (PS- Learned about the joys of catheters during labor. Made life so easy! I LOVED mine! Strange? I'm sure.)

2. Being set down. If she is not in someone's arms, you can bet Anna-Bug is wailing. And she seems to prefer Mommy's arms to everyone else's. This does not thrill Daddy, who can't help himself from taking it a little bit personally.

3. Her swing. If Anna-Baby is in her swing, you can bet she is hollering. Same goes for her bouncy seat.

4. Laying on her back. She loves her stomach. But that's a no-no for sleep-time, much to Annie-Poo's dismay.

5. Baths. She's only had one but she hated it.

6. Gas. She has lots of it. Mylecon be darned, there's no escaping it. And the little Bub screams like she's being murdered til she gets it out. Then she is instantly fine.

7. Sleeping. Doesn't appear to be much of a fan.

8. Her pacifier. We tried it at first, and had some nipple confusion that resulted in two trips to two different lactation specialists, a rental of a hospital-grade nursing pump, and hours of crying (both mine and baby's). And here we go trying it again. But the second it touches her tongue, Anna-Smoosh recoils like I've burned her with acid. She refuses to suck. Refuses. Gets furious. Screams.


1. Being bounced on someone's lap on the yoga ball. (Thanks Gilbert, for the priceless tip.)

2. Having tummy time on Daddy's chest while getting a backrub or falling asleep. (Daddy falls asleep too.)

3. Nursing. Really this is her favorite thing in the world and she would probably prefer it if her lips were permanently fused to my breast.

4. Being carted around by Daddy in her Ergo baby carrier. Dave thinks there should be an Olympic event regarding how much you can get done with a baby in a sling, with judging based on amount accomplished as well as lack of crying during performance. He's sure he would win.

Sidenote: Last night while practicing for this event by making the bed, I overheard from the other room a song he was singing to the baby:

Oh my little Annalise,
Her entire head was made of fleece,
She says 'moose' instead of 'meece'
Oooooooooh, my little Annalise!

(PS- I typed this one-handed, so as not to set down and thus incur the wrath of The Tiny One. Am proud.)


Courtney said...

You LIKED the catheter?!! That is definitely a first - all my patients can't wait to get theirs out!!

Angela said...

My kids seemed "allergic" to the swing and bounce seats at first. They would break out in cries if you put them in it. Then they got a little older and it was all fine. You and Dave are fabulous parents! Call me if you need anything!

melis said...

love all your names for your little anna...

and of course she loves back rubs, she is her mothers daughter after all!

Emily said...

That was long for a one-handed post! I'm laughing at Dave's olympic event idea, hehe.

Julie and Todd said...

I'm laughing soooo hard! She's got her own little personality already!

D. said...

Priceless...I really enjoyed all the little details!

Stephanie said...

Love the nicknames!

You must laugh all the time being married to Dave. He cracks me up!

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

I was wondering what nicknames you would have for your little gal...