Sunday, August 9, 2009

Due Date: TODAY!

3, 2, 1... Blastoff!

Except there is no blastoff. As I sit here, Insider is happily pummeling my insides with her elbows. Giving me heartburn. Making me have to pee. Apparently in no hurry to get out or anywhere else. Veeeery comfortable.

At church I told 4,063 people that Yes, indeed, I am still pregnant. No, indeed, I don't know why the baby isn't here yet. That no, again, I have no idea when she will be born. Lots of questions. No good answers.

Since we had never been to the hospital where I will deliver, we showed up unexpectedly tonight to visit and figure out where we'll be going. It seemed like a good Due Date activity. The nurses laughed at us.

Last night Dave treated me to a fun night on the town as our last hurrah before parenthood. What we hope will be our last hurrah, anyway. If the Insider waits much longer we might need some more hurrahs to boost our morale. We ate at The Blue Tangerine (Mediterranean food) and by Dave's choice saw Harry Potter at the IMAX (he fell asleep twice during the movie, and I, who was not interested in seeing it to begin with, had to awaken him when his snoring became distracting to the other patrons.) The whole theater had about ten occupants. There were thousands of seats everywhere. But nonetheless, three people came in and started heading over toward us. Dave and I eyed each other worriedly.

As an old lady plopped herself right next to me, she laughed and said, "I bet you're wondering why, in a theater of empty seats, we're sitting right next to you! Ha ha ha!"

"Ha ha!" I laughed back weakly, secretly horrified and pinching Dave pointedly in his thigh while trying to locate a Candid Camera or some other excuse for this behavior. I waited for the reason the lady was obviously leading up to telling me. There was none. That was the end of the conversation. Then we just moved down to the handicapped seats to accomodate my very handicapped-feeling self.

Well, it's August 9th. The magical day I've been looking forward to. It turned out kind of... ordinary.


Blythe said...

I am so out of the blogging loop! I feel like I've been gone forever. I can't believe your due date is here! I'm SO looking forward to seeing some pics of your new little chica...although I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. Baby does actually need to be born before pictures can be taken. :)

Good luck!

M-A said...

i hate going past my due date...hang in there. so excited for you guys:)

nicole said...

Sorry you have gone past your due date. I know it feels like you will be pregnant forever... if you were a rhesus macaque you would have been done 120 days ago. (That last part was for Dave.) Yet if you were an elephant, you would still have 380 more days to go!

Hang in there. We think about you every day!

Jen said...

You are so hilarious!!!!! This smooshy must be extra gorgeous to need some extra "baking" time =). You are in my prayers sister!!!

Emily said...

hope insider comes soon... love you!

Karina said...

I am thinking about you! I have been there and been over the due date 4 times to be exact now. Hang in there and good luck for when things finally start. Sounds like you are close to going soon!

Emily said...

Don't you HATE that (about the movie theater thing)!?! The last time I went to the movies that happened to me, I was so angry. There were plenty of open seats, but the spot in the very middle was taken in every row (and we were sitting in the very middle of one row) and these people sat RIGHT next to us. I was too pissed to move, but it was a lady also, and I already had my arm completely on the arm rest and I made it a point to not move my arm the whole time. I think that's so rude. Especially when we show up 10 minutes early to get a good spot and they sit right next to us right as the movie is starting.

I don't see why the nurses laughed, I probably would have wanted to do that a few weeks prior.

Courtney said...

Don't worry, she'll be here soon! Probably when you least expect it.

Julie and Todd said...

I need another update. Minute by minute as the moment to blast off ticks closer. It's a torturous time, I realize, but if nothing else, a "still nothing yet" message so we don't think you went into labor and forgot about us.