Monday, July 20, 2009

Pixie's Birthday!

Today our precious Pixie turned four! Usually I try to do something special for her birthdays. This year though the chaos has engulfed me to the extent that allowing her to continue to reside with us will be the biggest gift I give her.

Update #2 on the Washer/Dryer-Fiasco:
Dave forgot to force Lowe's to give us a shoe rack for the dryer, the lint trap they did give him was the wrong one, and when we tried to use the dryer, it continued drying, off and on in spurts, for an hour and a half (it was set to a 40-minute cycle) with red lights blinking away to tell us there was a problem.

Dave called Lowe's. They said they would try to send back the installer guys if they hadn't already left. Either way, we would receive a call from someone within 20 minutes to let us know. We were supposed to be at dinner at Dave's parents' house and instead we sat next to the phone for an hour, waiting for a call and hoping the guys would be coming back. After an hour, I finally called the store back, as Dave was at the end of his rope. I spent ten minutes getting shuffled from manager to manager trying to find the man Dave had spoken with. Finally I was transferred to a female manager.

"Oh sorry," she said. "I was supposed to call you back because the other guy went home. But I've been really busy." I nearly shot her through the phone. "So my message for you was that the installers went home," she said. "Sorry!"

So now I had to call Lowe's warranty center to see if I could have our brand new broken machines repaired some time this decade and preferably before Insider's first birthday. A very nasally voice answered and asked me my problem. At the end of explaining that our washer was gushing water and our dryer wasn't working at all, the voice paused a long time. Then he said very slowly,

"I can understaaand why that would concern you, ma'aaaaam." Really? Can you?

He spent another long while explaining why he couldn't help me and would be transferring me instead to the Bosch brand warranty center. He told me what buttons to push to get through the prompts, and like a half hour later, I finally was reaching the department there that I needed to.

"Please call back during regular business hours, Monday through Friday," the recording instructed me and after all this I was left with a dead phone in my hand.

Laundromats are looking better and better.


Diana said...

Gosh Jessica that really sucks!!!! I am sure that this is really what you need right now!!! Happy birthday Pixie. Good luck calling during business hours!!!!

Todd Hillyard said...

Happy Birthday Pixsters. We missed you at the zoo today....

melis said...

can't believe pixie is 4 already!

Courtney said...

I say that you make Lowe's replace your machines with brand-new ones. Seriously, you never know what can go wrong when you're dealing with floor models, and if you're having problems now, at the beginning, just imagine what else is going to go wrong further down the road (once the warranty has run out).

Surely they must have another set of these at another Lowe's location?