Sunday, July 5, 2009

35 weeks & 35 days

Today I am 35 weeks pregnant, which means 35 days to go! Approximately. Maybe less if I'm lucky! (Errant prayers to that end would be much appreciated.)

As we watched the fireworks last night I was thinking about the people that fought for our country to be free to begin with. For the first time it occurred to me how bizarre they would have found it if someone had told them that in the future the way people would celebrate their victory would be to recreate approximations of all the bombs in the air that terrified them so much and took the lives of so many. Kind of like celebrating the end of the Holocaust by having yearly parties in decked-out fake concentration camps. Really, who came up with fireworks? Not that I don't like them, but kind of weird.

Pixie was extremely traumatized, as expected. We put her in her airplane crate, took her down to the cement-walled cellar, turned out the lights, and cranked up the television, the box fan, and the boom box. It did not matter. When we got her out an hour and a half later, she was shaking and panting and convulsing and has not yet stopped. We have to drag her outside to go to the bathroom and her tail can't be pried out from between her legs with a crowbar. Based on her performance this time last year, this should last a few weeks at least.

Several people at the fireworks show had brought dogs with them, all of whom seemed happy, waggy, and well-adjusted. Dave and I marveled in wonder at each of them. One friend called Pixie "high-maintenance." My mom described her as a "special-needs" dog. Regardless, it was the one downer of the evening. Other than that, we had a great night!


Emily said...

a special needs dog!!! hahaha too funny!

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Victoria would feel better knowing she's not the only one afraid of fireworks!

Staci said...

I can't believe that you are almost done!!! It is crazy. So exciting!

Julie and Todd said...

We miss you! And our equally-special-needs dogs do too!

You're almost having a baby. I can't believe it. Really. Can't believe it. Trying to grasp....still can't believe it.

Emily said...

Good thing you don't live by our neighbors, who set off Whistling Petes (I think that's what they're called) until 1am. We saw fireworks on sale the next day and amused ourselves in considering buying some Whistling Petes of our own and setting them off on their doorstep at 1am (on Sunday night, vs. Saturday) but of course we didn't. I have fun thinking about it, but I would never actually do it.

I guess if she acts that way for 2 weeks I would call her high maintenance, too, although I'd never think of bringing a dog to a fireworks show. I think it's expected for them to be scared just for that day.