Saturday, June 6, 2009


I went to the mall yesterday with my friend and her sons. The little one, not quite two, likes balls a lot. If he sees one, he shouts, "Ball!" and holds out his arms so someone will hand it to him.

In the dressing room, I sat down across from him in his stroller as we waited for his mom. He was eyeing me critically. I was wearing a bright red shirt. Slowly he raised a chubby finger and pointed to my stomach.

"Ball!" he shouted happily, reaching out his pudgy arms. "Ball! Ball!"

His face darkened as I tried to explain that it was a baby, and not, as it seemed to be, a giant red ball I was hoarding. Slowly he took in the rest of me. The smile came back as he refused to be dissuaded and pointed again at my stomach and then at my right boob and then the left.

"Balls!" he yelled, pointing at each in turn. "Ball, ball, ball!"


Staci said...

Oh my gosh... that's a classic!

Emily said...

i think you should add a picture of you and your balls to this post :) classic and wonderful! love u

nicole said...

So funny! Sam asked me the other day why ladies have "extra bellies" on their chest? After explaining that it is just the way women are made, he said, "Well... I don't like it. I wish ladies didn't have those."

Cooper Family said...

Great story! Be proud of the so called "balls" because pregnancy is the only time some of us have "balls" on our chests!

Emily said...

Lol, that is hilarious. You should submit it as a funny story to reader's digest, they pay you $100 if they print it.

Jen said...

I was laughing SO hard at this. I guess that since i live with that little boy everyday, I kind of pass by those stories when they happen. I'll have to write about them more gotta love him right??? =)