Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And the third trimester starts well!

This third trimester is definitely the best. Now when people ask how I'm feeling I happily shout "Fabulous!" and am thrilled to finally be able to give a positive report and stop sounding like such a downer. These days I only need one nap a day (as opposed to two and sometimes three) and I have regained the sense of needing to be out in the world, as well as the need for productivity. I cleaned for six straight hours yesterday. Six. No joke. Dave often says that he feels great peace if everything is spotless when he comes home from work. He must have felt he'd died and gone to heaven yesterday. As the night wore on, I kept pointing out to him different areas I'd made immaculate (the closet, the laundry room, etc.). And today I woke up and began making mental checklists, planning meals, and organizing my time to get done all the things I'd like, instead of laying in bed and feeling tired or overwhelmed. I feel like a person again! I'm back!

You are probably tired of hearing about my finds on Craigslist. But I am not tired of finding them! I made a deal with myself. I knew Dave was not in favor of us spending money on a changing table, but as I believe in the power of intention, I told myself that I would buy one, when I found one for ten dollars. This might seem unreasonable. No one sells changing tables for ten dollars. But that is what I wanted to spend and I therefore checked Craigslist for weeks with much anticipation, knowing I would find it, almost like I was willing it to happen. I wanted that changing table. I knew how excited I would be when I found it for so cheap. I could picture it, and every day I looked for it, knowing it was coming to me soon. I did not doubt. And I was rewarded! We picked it up Sunday. Perfectly perfect changing table, ten dollars, and I will paint it white. Veeeeeeeery happy.

In other notes, my precious Pixie has a favorite chair to sit in. It's in the living room, right near the office with the computer where we spend a lot of time, so she can simultaneously be a tab-keeper on our every movement (her favorite passtime) as well as stare out the main picture window to the street where she can alert the universe at the top of her lungs if a squirrel dares to tauntingly scamper into view or a child on a bike maliciously rolls by.

Last week, Dave's sister Catherine very kindly sent us a lovely lot of baby clothes for the Insider Resider, which I tore into with glee and abandon upon receipt. I piled them on this particular chair as I opened the box, and apparently didn't clean them up soon enough for Pixie, who must have felt quite displaced. First she took a minute ballet shoe and tossed it at me to throw for her (a lot of her toys are tiny and pink like that, honest mistake) and then growled at the pile for a while, which made me giggle, but unfortunately for her, not remove the items that were ousting her from her living room haven.

The next morning she took matters into her own hands (paws, if you will) and we found her quite cozily snuggled up atop the pile, refusing to be ousted by those intrusive baby clothes, and wiggling with joy at her own cleverness. When we came over to look at her, she wagged heartily and burrowed a little deeper in her comfy new nest, nearly beaming with pride. She was pleased as punch.


Courtney said...

Congrats on the changing table!! You must post pictures once you've painted it. I just may have to hire you to be my personal baby shopper one day when I have kids. I love great deals, but just don't have the patience you do.

P.S. Pixie is adorable!!

Will and Sandy said...

i am so glad that you are feeling so much better! You sound great:)

Jen said...

I LOVE it!!! You and I should have a day when Kev has the kids and we do like an assembly line of making dinners to freeze. That way we don't have to "cook" for like WEEKS!!!! What do you think you productive Diva you??? Okay, so Pixie is really wearing on me =). SUCH a cute story!!!

nicole said...

Okay, I have got to get over to your house soon. I am over-eager to see all this "new" furniture.

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Welcome to the nesting stage! Though,I hope I don't have to nest much longer, it's wearing me out!