Friday, January 16, 2009

My taste buds, they're a-changin'

This is very odd. Normally I like myself some sugar, and grease, and butter. I like foods that are terrible for me- it's always been true. I would eat Pixie if you deep-fried her, and when I was little my mom used to say that I would eat the sidewalk if you sprinkled sugar on it. (Actually, I blame this all on my mom who was so stringent with her healthfood that I didn't get something yummy to eat til I went to college.)

The point is, I don't know what's happening. I go to the refrigerator and now I want fruit! Or yogurt. Or salad. ALL THE TIME. It is getting very strange. I just had a salad for breakfast this morning and am downing some grapes for a snack. I don't think I could ever eat a french fry again. The taste of the grease is beyond the worst thing that I could ever imagine. This is revolutionary.

Now I fantasize about sushi all the time. So healthy, so pure, so grease-less. So mild yet tasteful. When we went to Vegas, Dave's sister introduced me to the world of non-raw sushi which is not quite as good, but still quenches the thirst. Dave, in his kind husbandliness, brought some home the night before last from Mio Sushi (our favorite) and I devoured it with gusto. I haven't stopped thinking about it.

Last night I lay down at 10pm and Dave came in a minute later to lay with me for a little "nap" he said. He left all the lights on so I asked him if he could please turn them off and lock the door before his "nap".

"No!" he insisted. "I am just taking a little nap. I have lots of work to do still so I definitely am not going to sleep for long."

"Sure you're not," I told him. "Could you just turn everything off to be safe?"

"No!" he said very annoyedly, with his eyes already closed. "I am getting up really soon."

I had a great idea.

"Let's make a bet!" I told him. "If you sleep longer than 20 minutes then I win."

"What do you win?" he asked drowsily, burrowing very deep into his blankets and covering his head.

"SUSHI!" I exclaimed.

"Fine. But 45 minutes!"

"Fine," I said, but he was already asleep and I had to get up and turn everything off myself.

Moral of the Sushi Story: He woke up at 1:00am, he'll be home around 6:00pm, and I will have a Lovejoy roll in my mouth before 6:30.

Mio Sushi here we come!!!


Hayley said...

haha dude sushi is SO GOOD!!! im craving some right now- gee thanks haha :) ya and im ALOT like you- i eat crap food- its like my life, but im trying to be good- sounds like its a bit easier for you though glad your feeling better!!

Staci said...

Nice deal making! Way to negotiate to win! We need to make a phone appointment for our baby gear discussion.

Todd Hillyard said...

I will bet that Dave sleeps too. Can we have dinner at Mio Sushi??? I'm losing my Asianness.

Jessica said...

Immediately, Todd. IMMEDIATELY!!!