Friday, August 15, 2008


Occasionally I am inclined to buy Pixie a new toy. Like if I see a cute one. Or if I see a pink one. Or if I see a cheap one. Or if she was cute that day. Or if she licked me that day. Or if I am in a store that sells dog toys. Or if I haven't bought her a toy in a while. Or if I just bought her ten toys.

And Pixie is not a spoiled girl- she never fails to thank me heartily by trying to break the neck of each new purchase, carrying it around for hours and pouncing about delightedly while announcing her pleasure with excited yaps. Sometimes she can't even wait for me to get the tag off:


melissa s. said...

hi there -- i just read your jean auel post on the domo blog and it cracked me up so much i had to stop by and say hi. your puppers is super cute. happy domo hunting!

Where's Domo? said...

I have a feeling Pixie is going to presented with a brown toy with a big mouth soon.

: D

Jessica said...

Hi Melissa! Glad you dropped by. :)

Domo- we hope so!