Thursday, August 14, 2008

Better than Disneyland

I now work somewhere happier than the happiest place on earth... Craft Warehouse! I am in the Making Memories (scrapbooking) Department and I will get to design displays, teach classes, and (drumroll)... scrapbook! My work will be displayed to encourage customers to buy the products we use. During the interview, the manager asked to see my work so I went home that night and though most of my supplies are still in boxes, whipped up three quick pages with what I had and brought them in the next day. They were good enough and I am more excited than I can say.

They look a lot better in real life!


Robyn said...

That is so rad. I started the blog because I was falling too far behind and not remembering stuff that happened yesterday. But I have rededicated myself to scrapping when Chris starts school and the Olympics end. I am only to last summer, so I have a lot to do. But I have pictures printed up 'till November. AAAHHHH. I don't want to be so far behind. Congrats on the job.