Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Maybe I have a chance in the world of professional photography?

Now, I don't generally think my pictures are any great shakes. But this?

Come on. Really? Who is to blame for this? There is some photographer or someone in marketing somewhere who should be kicking themselves. And this was the best one since it ended up on the product?! Let me give you a closer look so you can fully appreciate.

Neither Mom nor baby (who look nowhere-near related) are looking at the camera. Baby looks to be afflicted by a trance and Mommy Dearest appears to be suffering either constipation or the final stages of grief over a modeling career long past its prime.
Maybe I've found a new career! Me OR Pixie could take a better picture than this!
P.S. Is it a tad awkward or too personal to show the world that we bought a basal thermometer? Perhaps. Dave thinks so.


Robyn said...

I bet I know what that Thermometer is for:)))))) Tehe.

McKeehan's said...

That is hilarious! I agree with your comments - where do they get these people. I think you should tell the world about basal thermometers. Maybe when it comes to vaginal itch cream or suppositories - that might be awkward.

Also - when are you guys coming in sept? Dave was supposed to get back to us - you are welcome to stay forever.

Pixie Louisa Parker Leigh Raychek said...

Dave says as of now we are leaving Friday and coming back Tuesday but if we can find a way to stay longer we will. YAY!! I am looking forward to it! I'm so glad it's really happening!!!