Thursday, May 8, 2008

I showed him!

I have never fought over a toy before. I tend to reserve my junk-yard dog skillz for long-lasting edible treats, like rawhides or bully sticks. That was before it naturally occurred to me that I have thus been taken advantage of all this time.

Yesterday Mommy threw Sumo his toy onion. Sumo is a gallumphing and good-natured yellow Lab that I typically ignore in favor of his brother Mochi who I decidedly prefer. Sumo leapt with joy to fetch said toy onion. I leapt with fury to right all past wrongs. I threw myself teeth-first at his ankle, screeching fearsome monkey sounds to indicate to him that he should immediately surrender his onion. But Sumo didn't stop running. The ankle I was attempting to intimidate barreled into me like a Mac truck. I went whirling across the kitchen floor on my belly like a hockey puck, my four legs splayed to the dickens. Sumo dropped the onion back in Mommy's lap with a happy panting tongue.

I stood up slowly. And huffily. I confusedly debated the proper punishment to inflict on the oaf that didn't appear to notice or care that he had bashed so rudely into my head, and right in the face of my fearsome challenge! I sulked off to the couch to glare at him angrily. That's right. I shot him my really mean evil eye. That oughta teach him.


Dave Fuhriman said...

NO BULLY STICK FOR YOU, Pixie Louisa Parker Leigh Raychek Fuhriman!